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This has been a month coming, sorry for the delay! As you may or may not know, I’m using a Happy Planner this year but I’m still using my bujo for other spreads. I got this notebook in FlyingTiger for £2 – an absolute bargain.

Soz for the blueness of the photos, I took this in really bad lighting.

First I have a mini contents page, which I’ll probably definitely need to expand at some point…

Next is my 2017 goals. I’ve achieved one or two of these already! On the other side are my passwords, so I can’t show you that for obvious reasons.

I then have a period tracker (read here to see why everyone should track theirs) and a weight tracker. I want to lose 28lbs this year!

My corn snakes have their own spread to keep on top of cleaning, sheds and growth.

Next is my wishlist, which is full and has been threaded already.

My order tracker is really useful as I tend to do most of my shopping online these days and I can get a bit forgetful…

My Books to Read spread is my absolute fave!

My Films/TV to Watch spread is very much unfinished, but the outline is there.

And finally, I have a list of my Primark makeup and a little section to note whether I’ve filmed or written a review of the product yet. So handy.

As you can tell, my Bullet Journal is very much purely functional this time. I have notes, lists, random stuff and drafts of various things on other pages. I work better when my brain isn’t limited by making things pretty! Keep an eye out for a video on my bullet journal (including some of the spreads I didn’t show you); you can subscribe to my youtube channel here.

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