I finally got around to getting a new camera! (Well, actually – I gave up with waiting and saving for one and instead got one on Finance, which means I pay monthly for 3 years). I thought I’d show you guys so you know why my pictures suddenly look different.

I usually film and take pictures with my phone, which is a Moto G4 and it’s a pretty decent camera! I use the front-facing one for filming (so I can see myself) and the normal camera for blog photos. Look through all of my previous blog posts and youtube videos for examples!

But if I want to increase the quality of my blog and youtube posts then I need a better camera. So I got the Canon EOS M10 from Jessops online and it came the very next day! It records in full HD and has a flipscreen so I can see myself when I’m recording (handy to know if I’m in shot or in focus!). It came with a lens in the box as well, which saved me the hassle of trying to figure out which one to get.

Above is the camera, taken with my phone compared to my phone, taken with my new camera. The difference is crazy (and very exciting) when it’s ‘raw’ (and oh gosh, so much MB). I’m doing an unboxing and test of the camera in a video this week so make sure you’re subscribed (click here to do so) if you want to see that. Below is some photos I’ve taken with the new camera, but unfortunately because wordpress has a limited photo capacity, I’ve had to lower the quality of them… so they look a bit rubbish! That’s the only issue with getting a decent camera. The filesizes are MAD.

For a more in-depth unboxing and info on the camera make sure to watch my unboxing on youtube at the end of the week! If anyone has any tips on reducing the file size whilst still keeping the quality high, let me know – currently I use tinypng which shrinks the size but the quality is usually compromised. Ugh.


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