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This year I’ve started a blog planner. It’s not anything fancy, just an Asda Plain Notebook that was £4, but I’ve made it work for me.

I was originally going to get a mini Happy Planner but I wanted space to plan out blog posts extensively and not be restricted to one small column per day, so a plain notebook was the way to go.


I decided to create a dashboard for each month with my starting follower count, goal follower count and blog/youtube goals and to-dos. It helps me to have a focus that is more specific and reachable than a long-term goal.


Next is the posting schedule. I like to have at least a month in advance planned, as it makes life 100x easier and so I know what to buy (if I need to buy anything) before the filming or writing day.


On the next page is a filming/writing schedule, which I just call the Edit schedule, so I know what I’m doing on what day. This is a lifesaver. I like to have things scheduled to post automatically a few days in advance, just in case, and it also means I’m writing and filming things less frantically!


On each page I date it and include a short name for the post that’s posting, then I write the title and thumbnail details. Below that I plan out the photos and content. It means that when I actually go to write, film and upload, things are so much simpler and quicker.

Lastly, at the back of my Blog Planner is my ideas page. I had over 200 ideas in my bullet journal but I transferred the ones I hadn’t done yet into the Blog Planner, and I’m adding more each day. I can’t show you this page as it would be too much of a spoiler!

How do you plan out your blog posts? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I love this! Planning my blog posts is so much easier than just coming up with the idea and posting it right away. I use a plain notebook as well and I have my posts planned out for the whole month as well! Its such a great idea to do that. Plus if you change your mind it isn’t so hard to move things around! I love your blog btw !

  2. Wow! Inspiring stuff! I tried to use a separate Blog Bullet Journal but it just didn’t work for me but I completely understand your need for more space than your regular planner allows. I might just have to dust off my notebook and have another go!

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