Blog promo and getting traffic to your posts is somewhat of an art form. I’m not an expert (especially with SEO) but I do some promotion that works pretty well. I thought I’d share my ‘behind the scenes’ blog promotion tactics!

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  • I set up wordpress so my posts publish automatically to my personal facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. You can even customise the message so I make sure to include a caption that encourages people to read (without being clickbaity). I also post on instagram occasionally and my blog link is in my bio.
  • I have a Facebook ‘like’ page so I post each blog post and youtube video on there and encourage engagement by asking questions. I try and post other things too so it’s not just promo but I have been a bit lax with that lately!
  • I share each blog post to a few facebook groups if it’s appropriate. I am active in a few makeup groups so I share my beauty posts in there with a description and a reason to post, not just a link-dump. I also post in a few blog-specific groups.
  • I look at threads, tweets, comments (etc) on various social media and if I answer a question in a post or a blog post is relevant to the topic, I link it there as a reply. I never spam, I only post relevant things.
  • I comment on most of what I read. I don’t include a blog link in my comments, but even just a normal comment like ‘I love how you did your eyeliner!’ might encourage someone to click on me. It’s good to built up a community and I’m always genuine in my comments.
  • I ‘pin’ everything I do. This is a recent thing, but you may have noticed little pinterest-esque graphics at the beginning of each post. This is so I can pin it easily! Pinterest is great for getting traffic, so make sure to do some research and consider adding it to your blog promo tasks.
  • SEO isn’t something I’ve researched properly and used a lot but using keywords in your blog posts can drive traffic to your blog. I try and include relevant keywords within each blog post but I don’t focus on it too much right now.
  • I have my blog linked on all of my social media bios and descriptions!

Those were all the ways I promote my blog and blog posts. How do you share yours? Let me know in the comments!


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0 thoughts on “HOW I PROMOTE MY BLOG

  1. How do you feel about promoting your blog to people you know, but aren’t necessarily close friends with? I.e. just people you have on Facebook but don’t necessarily speak to, etc. I feel like I would gain from posting on my Facebook but I’m not sure what the response will be, so I’m refraining for now! P.s. the post was a lot of help!

    1. My posts go automatically to Facebook so all my Facebook friends see it. I get a few messages/comments from random people but they’re all positive! If they want to read it they will, if not then oh well ;p

          1. I’ve had a few friends comment on it, and the responses have been positive. Apart from that not much, but I’ve had quite a few views via Facebook so I think it’s definitely worth trying! Just delete the people you really don’t like first 😉😂

  2. SEO is something I’ve been looking into lately but it’s not easy xD although the YOAST plugin that I use has a lot of helpful tools that reminds you what is important and what you can improve in your post. It’s still difficult because the way I write is kind off the opposite of what this SEO is asking of me to write lol. I only put my blog link in a comment if it’s about sharing each other blogs or something or indeed if it’s relevant to one of your own posts.

  3. This was very helpful. I’ve been playing around with blogging on and off for a while. I’ve never really promoted it much, because I know I’m not a consistent blogger.. yet. I’m going to be researching things like this and how to make money from a blog too. ( a post about that – without being too personal – would be super helpful)

  4. Thanks, this is really useful! I have just started up my blog again after a few months off and hoping to build up a regular audience. I have heard having a consistent schedule of when you upload is helpful as well!

  5. Google is getting smarter each day. Every new update in its search engine algorithm is gradually dismantling those backhat SEO tricks. We had quite a laugh when the “Panda” update was launched and the rankings of many sites dropped to rock bottom. The reason was those sites used dirty tricks like link farming, hidden (and also irrelevant) keywords, spammy duplicate contenfs, search engine “optimized” contents which are practically unreadable by humans, etc…

    These days, if you write quality and relevant contents, then the search engines will eventually pick them up. Using dirty SEO tricks that work today isn’t worth the risk since Google will find out about them and Google may even remove the site from their index for violating its TOS.

    Google has said it themselves, just write great contents and you will rank high. After all, content will always be king in blogging.

  6. I struggle so much with this – not quite managed to figure everything out yet as I’m new to blogging but the community is so friendly, and I’ll definitely become more brave (hopefully lol) this is such a fab post!!

  7. I think it’s important not to get overwhelmed. So when I promote my content I focus on different social media accounts on different days. I also automatically share my posts and I usual schedule my new content ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about creating content and promoting on the same day.

    Plus it’s great for giving yourself time to edit your posts.

  8. One way to promote blogs is to comment on other people’s posts. Another way is to share to Facebook or Pinterest.

    But now I want to promote my blog further to reach my goal of 500 followers by the end of the year