Blogging, whilst it can be done completely freely, can easily become an expensive hobby or endeavour. However, it needn’t be (especially if you have a tight budget like me). Here are my tips for blogging on a budget.

  • use natural daylight for lighting
  • create lightboxes using cardboard boxes and white sheets or paper and a lamp
  • create softboxes using a pillowcase, tinfoil and a lamp with a shade
  • use free apps for photo editing (e.g. snapseed)
  • use free websites for photo editing and creating graphics (e.g. canva)
  • create your own planner like I did to keep on track with your blog schedule
  • use your phone to take pictures if you don’t have a camera
  • use objects from around your house for flatlay props (e.g. ribbon, candles, magazines, coloured card, makeup, etc)
  • use white paper or a white desk for a clean background for photos
  • blog about everything you already have – review makeup you own, talk about past experiences, teach people things you know, etc
  • wordpress is free to use unless you upgrade…
  • make the most out of free samples, offers, discounts and free trials
  • sign up to affiliate marketing schemes like Awin
  • sign up to product review sites that will send you free stuff in return for a review
  • use mailchimp to create an email newsletter (free for up to 2000 email addresses)
  • create an action plan for your blog with clear goals so you can decide what things to invest in (such as a domain)
  • use stock images from free sites like pixabay, flickr and unsplash
  • use fiverr if you aren’t ‘graphically talented’ and want to outsource logos
  • sell your services, create an ebook or create products to sell on your blog
  • use free ways to promote your blog – SEO, facebook, twitter, bloglovin’ (and other social media)
  • don’t sink too much money into your blog immediately – make sure you’re going to continue with it for the foreseeable future!

What other free or inexpensive tips do you have for new bloggers?



  1. very good tips. I’m still in the baby stages of my blog, trying to find a definite direction. I’m already using canva (as per your previous recommendation). I’ll have a look into the other free graphics websites too.

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