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Scrolling aimlessly through Twitter one day (you can follow me if you like random retweets and nonsense) I noticed a few popular tweets talking about stereotypical bloggers. Use rose gold, marble, fake flowers and bits of gold jewellery in a flatlay? Be overly positive about a skincare routine, brunch and the Autumn season? Use phrases like ‘beautifully’, ‘so lovely’ and ‘okay, hun’ a lot? Sorry, girls – because that’s your gender if you’re a stereotypical blogger – you’re basic.

We hear the word basic being thrown around a lot these days, especially on social media. Post a picture of your PSL Starbucks cup on the ‘gram? Call Instagram the ‘gram? You’re basic. Wear Ugg boots in the winter? Basic. Enjoy the Top 40 on the radio? BASIC. Even better, you’re a Basic Bitch, because everyone loves a bit of alliteration, don’t they? What about those men who wear the same jeans and shirt combo – are they constantly labelled Basic Bros? Or the guys who all like the same music, sport or video games? They aren’t? Oh. Okay then.

basic blogger definition

What even is a Basic Bitch? I asked myself that question one night after seeing the hashtag #basicbitch under a picture of a girl wearing leggings. According to my old friend Google (and a whole night of research), the current meaning of ‘basic’ is a blanket term for girls who follow trends, like all things mainstream, do as their friends do, and who are materialistic and shallow. Just seems like a reminder that girls have to do a lot more to stand out in the world than boys do, but whatever. Anyway, how does this relate to blogging?

Blogging is an extremely saturated industry right now, there’s so many of us trying to carve out our own space on the internet, desperately yearning to be up there with the big bloggers, Instagramming our way into the limelight. It’s difficult to be truly one-of-a-kind; every thought and idea you have, someone has already thought of it long before you and has pitched, sold and sold shares in it. So it’s no wonder, then, that a certain type of blogger is often labelled as Basic, for liking the stereotypical blogger-esque things and activities as our fellow bloggers.

am i a basic blogger?

There’s only so many words we can use to describe a product. Only so many flatlay props we can squeeze in a photograph. Only so many colours in the rainbow to prefer (is rose gold in the rainbow?!). If you’re a beauty blogger, the chances are you’re going to like the same things as another beauty blogger – you’re essentially passionate about the same thing (beauty), so is it too hard to believe, therefore, that your style and blog will be similar? Everyone has a unique voice, way of thinking, and opinions on things, but sometimes these overlap with others and that’s when we get accused of being a Basic Blogger. Like we can’t enjoy the same Pixi Glow Tonic as everyone else because it’s too basic. Surely if there’s a product everyone loves – it must be a good product and worth talking about, right?

We can never win, as bloggers. If we talk about what everyone else is talking about, we’re basic. If we talk about something more unique and not ‘on trend’, we’re not relevant. We all know that bloggers aren’t always in ‘blogger mode’. We aren’t always taking luxurious baths with various bath bombs and salts; sometimes we’re just popping in the shower for a quick rinse because we’re starting to smell a bit funky. Yes, our vanities might look pristine with all that makeup stored in acrylic drawers and IKEA storage systems, but have you seen my bedroom floor? Not pristine at all. I think the best advice I can give on this topic is: be yourself. If that means being basic (i.e. liking the same things as another blogger), then you rock it! We all have our different traits and qualities and as long as you form your own opinions on the things you do and buy, whether or not they’re coincidentally the same as someone else’s, then you’re not basic. I promise.

If you’d like to know a little more about the terms Basic and Basic Bitch, then have a watch of the video below! Don’t forget to subscribe.

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