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On 1st August 2016, I wrote my first blog post on what was then, not really knowing where the blog was headed or really knowing if I would even continue with it past September. I wasn’t used to the style of writing that blogging requires, nor did I realise how much work I needed to do in order to get any sort of following, but I blindly leaped into things and hoped for the best. And now it’s been a year!

When I first started planning out blog posts, I had a specific schedule for the categories I was posting within on certain days and I titled everything very creatively – which is great, but not-so-great for people to find in the Google search results. I also had specific headers for each different category that didn’t have any sort of theme – I just liked the patterns! I look back and cringe at that.

After a while, I found the schedule very constraining and I was struggling to think of post ideas for certain categories. After a month or so I gave up on the schedule and just posted whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Come October I was posting every single day!

My blog photography (ie flatlays and post headers) has improved drastically. I’m not exactly great at creating the perfect flatlay but you can see how I’ve improved by the photos below! It helps that I invested in a Canon camera and followed so many blogs with stunning photos to take inspiration from. I have a long way to go but I’m happy with how I’m coming along.

I still haven’t mastered Pinterest and Bloglovin’, and I don’t really promo much at all except for auto-posting on Twitter and Facebook. I know I could grow more if I did more promotion, but I find it really time-consuming and a little bit obnoxious. I feel like I’m a little too casual about my blog for someone who wants to make a living from it eventually, but that’s just who I am – I’m too laid-back to really go all-out and bombard social media with my posts. I do want to get better at Pinterest, though.

As part of a #throwback series I’m thinking about doing, I’ve been going back to my very first posts and updating them so they’re relevant, adding pins and so on. I want my blog to feel relevant no matter how old the post is, as you never know what post someone is going to stumble on and have a first impression of my blog from. It’ll take me another year to update everything, but I’ve made a start, at least.

What I do want to know from my readers is what content you want to see more of. You can contact me using the contact form which is underneath the poll or on my contact page. I’d love to hear from you – advice, tips, post ideas, suggestions, collab ideas, etc.

Finally, I want to thank you for (almost) 900 WordPress followers, thousands of Likes, loads of comments and shares and endless support. I couldn’t have survived a year without you! I appreciate every single one of you (except the ones that left me hate comments) SO much. I read so many of your blog posts – even if I’m too busy to comment, I promise I’m reading everything! – and I’m overwhelmed at the creativity and talent of you all.

If you like, you can join my beauty blogger group on Facebook, which is a community for sharing your fave products, showing off your hauls and MOTDs as well as getting help, advice and support on blogging or YouTubing. It’s a great little space on the internet! We have social media threads and support threads for mutual comments and likes, without being a ‘follow for follow’ or spam group. I’m proud of it and would love to see some of you there! Once my Watch Later has cleared up a bit, I’ll be watching ALL the videos posted and leaving feedback and reading all the blog posts, too.

I’m excited for what the future has to offer; will I go self-hosted? Will I work with any brands? Will I collab with anyone? It’s an exciting time in my life and I’m so happy to be sharing it with you.


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