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YouTube is hard. So much harder than anyone who doesn’t do YouTube thinks. It requires a tonne of hard work, perseverance, time and luck to strike it big; it’s so much harder now to gain traction and a following than it used to be as there’s so much competition and saturation. As there’s so many elements to creating content on YouTube, there’s also a lot of room for mistakes and misjudgment, so I decided to put together a list of the 5 most common mistakes small YouTubers make. Hopefully this can help someone on their journey!

1. Sub4Sub

The devil of YouTube. Sub4sub is a curse upon your channel (and thoroughly against YouTube’s terms of service too, so goodbye channel). Empty subs who don’t watch your videos will count against you in the algorithm, as well as subscriber count meaning absolutely nothing in terms of growth. They aren’t considered in the algorithm at all and considering only about 10% of your subscribers will actually watch each video, there’s no point focusing on the number.

2. Cut and Paste Comments

“Great video! Check out my channel!” “I just uploaded a video like this, check it out!” How spammy do these kind of comments look?! It’s blatantly obvious that you’ve copy and pasted it to 100s of other people and comes across as robotic and obnoxious. It will drive people away from your channel unless they’re extremely naive and your comment will most likely be in their spam filter. Focus on your content and the viewers will come naturally.

3. No Promotion

It can sometimes be a little embarrassing to share your video around the internet, especially if you’re self-conscious or scared of troll comments. But a high percentage of your viewership will come from external sources (outside YouTube) if you share your video. Try finding niche Facebook groups and Reddit threads, use your own social media to share, create a fan page for your channel, and make sure to use hashtags and research the different sites’ best practices so you can make sure you’re uploading at the right times. Again, don’t be spammy with it but instead talk about your video and engage with your prospective audience.

4. Not Using S.E.O

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’ and is exactly what it says – optimising your video so it appears higher in search engines. The things that make up YouTube SEO are thumbnails, titles, tags and descriptions. Pad your desccription out with relevant text, make sure you have an eye-catching thumbnail, make your title very searchable and use all 500 characters of your tag box with relevant tags. Use sites like to see what people are searching for in relation to your video and use those tags! Organic growth from people finding your videos after searching for them is the best possible growth.

5. No Consistency or Branding

A consistent and regular schedule is important to YouTube’s algorithm (as it shows you’re active) and your subscribers will be more likely to stick around if you have a set timetable for uploading and they know when to expect a new video. Branding is possibly less important out of everything I’ve mentioned but a noticeable theme within your thumbnails and videos will make you stand out from the crowd and make you appear more put-together and professional.


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