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Earlier this year I wrote a post with 160 blog ideas. Since then, I’ve come up with just a few more (okay, quite a lot more; almost 200 more in fact) and I thought I’d share them with you, including the original 160. Feel free to use any of them – credit would be lovely, of course – for your own blogs; I know things can get a little overwhelming sometimes and ideas can be hard to come by, so resources like these are my saving grace and I hope I can help at least one person come up with a new blog post idea or two. These could also almost all be adapted for YouTube videos or podcasts too!

hundreds of blog post ideas for beauty, lifestyle, skincare, popular culture, miscellaneous, fashion and personal blog posts @ | youtube video ideas + blog post ideas

Note: the blog posts that are links are linked to posts I’ve created already! Feel free to have a read for even more ideas. As my blog is Beauty and Lifestyle (with the occasional personal and popular culture posts), the post ideas will be mainly related to those categories. The ‘titles’ of the posts mentioned in the lists are very generic so please be more creative and interesting when titling your posts!


  1. Facts About Me
  2. My Bucket List
  3. Meet My Family
  4. About The Author (could use this as your ‘about’ page)
  5. Meet The Pets
  6. Your Social Media Showcase
  7. Storytime (various interesting stories from your life)
  8. Day In The Life
  9. Letter To My Past Self
  10. Letter To My Future Self
  11. My Life Goals
  12. Life Goal/Bucket List Updates
  13. Weight Loss/Weight Gain/Journey
  14. Health Journey/Updates (e.g. surgery, chronic illness)
  15. Life As A [thing] (housewife, student, CEO, etc)
  16. My Favourite Things
  17. Things I Hate
  18. My Hobbies (or focus on one specific hobby)
  19. Life Updates (either monthly updates or specific updates about events in your life)
  20. What I Did On My Birthday
  21. My Wedding
  22. What I Got For My Birthday
  23. What I Got For Christmas
  24. Books I Want To Read
  25. TV Shows I Want To Watch
  26. Films I Want To See
  27. My First Relationship
  28. My Tattoos/Piercings
  29. Portfolio (artwork, photography, makeup artistry etc)
  30. What I’ve Learnt As An Adult
  31. The Jobs I’ve Wanted To Do
  32. My Childhood Crushes
  33. FAQs
  34. Why I Hate [thing]
  35. Why I love [thing]
  36. Little Things That Make Me Happy
  37. The Books That Shaped Me
  38. The Songs That Define Me
  39. My Mental Health


  1. Get To Know Me Tag
  2. TMI Tag
  3. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag
  4. Husband/Wife Tag
  5. Palette Tag
  6. Best of Skincare Tag
  7. Small YouTuber Tag
  8. My YouTube Journey Tag
  9. Christmas Tag
  10. If My Makeup Went Up In Flames Tag
  11. What I’d Save In A Fire Tag
  12. Valentine’s Day Tag
  13. Bullet Journal Tag
  14. Autumn Tag
  15. The Relationship Test
  16. Beauty Blogger Tag


  1. Partner Explains What Makeup Is
  2. Partner Does My Makeup
  3. Full Face With [random object]
  4. Full Face With One Brush
  5. Mixed Up Makeup
  6. Mixed Up Makeup brush
  7. Full Face With One Palette
  8. How I Used To Do My Makeup
  9. No Makeup Brush Challenge
  10. Husband/Boyfriend Guesses The Price Of Girly Items
  11. 100 Layers Of [random makeup item, clothing, etc]
  12. The Whisper Challenge
  13. The Power Of Makeup
  14. Partner Chooses My Makeup
  15. Partner Recreates My Makeup
  16. Doing My Partner’s Makeup
  17. 30 Days Of [thing] (there’s hundreds, have a google for 30 days challenge)
  18. £20 Full Face
  19. Partner Does My Voiceover


  1. Skincare Routine For [skintype]
  2. DIY Lipbalm
  3. DIY Facemask
  4. DIY Lip Scrub
  5. Morning Skincare Routine
  6. Supermarket Skincare
  7. Budget Skincare
  8. Skincare Dupes
  9. Evening Skincare Routine
  10. How To Fix [skin problem]
  11. Makeup Removal Routine
  12. Vitamins In Skincare – What Do They Do?
  13. What Does [skincare element e.g. rosewater] do?
  14. Best Skincare For [age group]
  15. Everyday Skincare Routine
  16. How To Get Glowy Skin
  17. The Effects Of Sun Damage
  18. Is [thing] Bad For Your Skin? (e.g. silicones, pollution, makeup)
  19. Skincare Products To Pair Together


  1. Everyday Makeup Routine
  2. Summer Everyday Makeup
  3. Autumn Everyday Makeup
  4. Winter Everyday Makeup
  5. Spring Everyday Makeup
  6. Go-To Night Out Makeup Routine
  7. Makeup Product Review/Swatches
  8. Makeup Wear And Compare
  9. Makeup Dupes
  10. Full Face Of [brand]
  11. Testing [brand] Makeup
  12. Testing [type/style] Makeup (e.g. unicorn, putty, weird, colour-changing)
  13. Full Face of First Impressions
  14. Monthly Beauty Favourites [and worsts]
  15. Best Of Beauty In [year]
  16. Worst of Beauty In [year]
  17. Makeup Tutorial
  18. How To Wear [makeup product]
  19. Makeup Dictionary (defining makeup terms)
  20. Makeup Brush uses
  21. DIY Makeup
  22. No Makeup Makeup
  23. Makeup Of The Day
  24. Makeup Hacks
  25. The History Of Makeup
  26. Makeup Declutter
  27. Makeup Collection
  28. [brand or type of makeup] Collection
  29. Recreating Editorial Makeup
  30. [celebrity]-Inspired Makeup
  31. Makeup Tips And Advice
  32. Beginners Guide To Makeup
  33. Back To School Makeup
  34. First Impressions
  35. Try-On Makeup Haul
  36. Makeup Haul
  37. Seasonal Makeup Trends
  38. Recreating Catwalk Makeup
  39. Travel Makeup
  40. Best Budget Beauty Items
  41. Best of [brand]
  42. How To Get [overseas makeup brand] In [your country]
  43. Makeup Trends From Around The World
  44. Dangers Of Fake Makeup
  45. Halloween Makeup
  46. Christmas Makeup
  47. How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes
  48. How To Sterilise Your Makeup
  49. How To Become An MUA
  50. Makeup YouTubers/Bloggers Made Me Buy
  51. [makeup product]: Worth The Hype?
  52. Comparison Of [similar makeup products]
  53. New Makeup Releases
  54. Beauty Community Drama
  55. Top 5 Under £[money]
  56. Top 5 [type of makeup product]
  57. Favourite [season] Lipsticks
  58. Day To Night Makeup
  59. Valentine’s Day Makeup
  60. New Year’s Eve Makeup
  61. In My Makeup Bag
  62. [colour] Makeup (e.g. rose gold)
  63. Types Of Mascara Wands
  64. Makeup Wishlist
  65. Shop My Stash
  66. Festival Makeup
  67. Testing Badly-Rated Makeup
  68. Full Face Of Drugstore Vs Highend
  69. Get Ready With Me
  70. Daily Essentials
  71. My Mascara Cocktail
  72. Current Favourite Makeup
  73. Cult Classic Products
  74. Makeup Bag Necessities
  75. AliExpress/Wish/eBay Makeup Finds
  76. Speed Up Your Makeup Routine
  77. 10 Minute Makeup Routine
  78. What’s The Point In [makeup product/step] (e.g. transparent lipliner, carving brows)
  79. Strange Makeup Trends
  80. Makeup Looks From History
  81. Making Out-There Makeup Wearable
  82. Types Of Lipstick
  83. How To Get Plump Lips Without Filler
  84. Products I Regret Buying
  85. Colour Correcting Guide

lifestyle blog post and youtube video ideas

  1. How To Plan A Wedding
  2. Morning Routine
  3. Evening Routine
  4. Travel Diary
  5. Vlog/Blog My Day
  6. Empties
  7. Back To School Essentials
  8. How To Budget Effectively
  9. How To Use A Planner/Bullet Journal
  10. Planner/Bullet Journal Flip-through
  11. Planner/Bullet Journal Setup
  12. How To [thing you’re good at] Like A Pro
  13. Self-Care Ideas
  14. Travel Essentials
  15. How To Make Money Online
  16. ‘Mummy Updates’
  17. Uni Halls/Dorm Essentials
  18. How To Do [thing] On A Budget
  19. My Fitness Routine
  20. At-Home Exercise Ideas
  21. Unboxings
  22. In My Handbag
  23. How To De-Stress
  24. How To Study Effectively
  25. How To Be Confident
  26. How To Turn A Flaw Into A Positive Trait
  27. What I Eat In A Day
  28. How To Plan Your Week’s Meals
  29. How To Meal Prep
  30. University Advice
  31. In My Suitcase
  32. How To Pack With Just A Carry-On
  33. DIY Bathbomb


  1. How To Style A [clothing item]
  2. Clothing Haul
  3. Try-On Clothing Haul
  4. My Capsule Wardrobe
  5. Complete Outfit From [shop]
  6. £50 Outfit
  7. Husband/Boyfriend/Parent Buys My Outfit
  8. How To Sell Clothes Online
  9. Outfit Ideas For Work/School/University etc
  10. Outfit Ideas For Everyday/Night Out etc
  11. How To Customise Your Clothes
  12. Outfit Of The Day
  13. How To Pick Jewellery For Your Outfit
  14. How To Repair Damaged Clothes
  15. Thrift Shop Finds
  16. How To Remove Stains From Clothes
  17. Seasonal Fashion Trends
  18. Wardrobe Necessities
  19. Fancy Dress Ideas
  20. Last-Minute/Simple Fancy Dress Ideas
  21. Halloween Costume Ideas
  22. Last-Minute/Simple Halloween Ideas
  23. Hairstyle Ideas For [type of hair]
  24. Hairstyle Ideas For [event/place] (e.g. school, work, night-out)
  25. Heatless Hairstyles
  26. How To Dye Your Hair At Home
  27. Outfits From My Holiday To [place]
  28. Inclusivity In The Fashion Industry
  29. Feminism In Fashion
  30. How To Stop Frizz
  31. How To Make Your Clothing Last
  32. Finding Your Style
  33. On The Catwalks


  1. How I Plan My Day
  2. How I Organise My Makeup
  3. Ikea Hacks
  4. DIY Storage Ideas
  5. Life Hacks For Organisation
  6. House Tour
  7. Bedroom Tour
  8. Beauty Room Tour
  9. Moving House Updates
  10. Tips For Moving Home
  11. Tips For Renting
  12. How To Organise Your [room/place/objects etc]
  13. How To Be Organised
  14. My Collection of [items]
  15. How To Track Your [thing] (e.g. period, savings, expenditure)
  16. Homeware Product Review (e.g. candle, cleaning product, gadget)
  17. Bullet Journal Hacks
  18. Setting Up A Life Planner/Binder
  19. Home Decor Ideas
  20. Creating A Work Space

Popular Culture blog post and youtube video ideas

  1. Movie Reviews
  2. TV Show Reviews
  3. Book Reviews
  4. Opinion On [news, politics, event, cultural happening, celeb gossip etc]
  5. What Feminism Means To Me
  6. Reasons Why [thing] Is Great/Bad
  7. Things You May Have Missed In [thing]
  8. Game Reviews
  9. Why [thing] Is Better Than [thing]
  10. Are Magazines Still Being Read?
  11. Is ‘Normal’ TV Still Being Watched?
  12. Are Millennials Really That Bad?
  13. What Films Pass The Bechdel Test?
  14. Books Feminists Should Read
  15. Is Social Media Ruining Self-Confidence Or Increasing It?


  1. Blog Post Ideas
  2. How I Promote My Blog
  3. How To Use Pinterest To Increase Traffic
  4. Mistakes Bloggers Make
  5. How To Create Flatlays
  6. Blogger Resources
  7. Mistakes YouTubers Make
  8. How To Create Good Thumbnails
  9. How To Use SEO To Increase Traffic/Views
  10. YouTuber Resources
  11. Blog Tips + Advice
  12. Behind The Scenes As A YouTuber
  13. Blogging On A Budget
  14. YouTubing On A Budget
  15. How To Use A Blog Planner
  16. Monthly Round-up (showcase that month’s best posts/videos)
  17. How To Make Money On YouTube
  18. How To Monetise Your Blog
  19. How To Self-Host Your Blog
  20. How To Use Affiliate Marketing
  21. From The Archives (promote and/or edit old posts)
  22. Blogmas/Vlogmas
  23. Blogtober/Vlogtober
  24. Things Bloggers Are Sick Of Hearing
  25. How To Grow Your Social Media Following
  26. What I’ve Learnt From Blogging
  27. One Year On YouTube
  28. My Blog Schedule
  29. Photo Editing Tips
  30. Blog Goals
  31. Blogging Income Report
  32. Finding Your Blogging Style


  1. Bloggers/YouTubers/Instagrammers Showcase
  2. Blog Awards (you need to be nominated first, though)
  3. Recipes
  4. Picture Of The Day
  5. Things I’ll Teach My Kids
  6. People-Watching Notes
  7. How To Write A CV/Resumé
  8. Life Hacks That Work
  9. Life Hacks That Don’t Work
  10. Giveaway
  11. Date Ideas
  12. Things I’ll Teach My Kids
  13. Q+A
  14. History Lesson
  15. Year In Review
  16. Gift Guides
  17. April Fool’s Joke Post
  18. NaNoWriMo
  19. I [did thing] Every Day for [length of time] – Here’s What I Learnt
  20. DIY Project Ideas
  21. DIY Gift Ideas
  22. Motivational Quotes
  23. Item Of The Day
  24. Moodboard
  25. Budget Version of [item]
  26. How To Run A Business From Home
  27. Short Stories
  28. Poetry
  29. Make Your Own [thing]
  30. Job Interview Tips
  31. Secret Santa Ideas
  32. Stocking Filler Ideas
  33. Christmas/Birthday Wishlist
  34. Cocktail Recipes
  35. Smoothie Recipes
  36. Valentines Day Date Ideas
  37. Things To See/Do In [place]
  38. Rainy Day Ideas
  39. Printables
  40. How To Ask For A Raise/Promotion
  41. How To Hide And Remember Passwords
  42. Mistakes You Should Make
  43. Apps That Help With Productivity
  44. How To Succeed At Quitting

I’m sure there’s more ideas that I’ve forgotten, but I’ll be updating this post in a few month’s time! I hope I helped in some way; Let me know if you plan to use any of these ideas and I’ll be sure to check out your posts!


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