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If you have Facebook or Instagram, chances are you would have seen some odd or crazy-seeming beauty trends (wavy brows, dick-liner, pom-pom contour to name a few) popping up on your feed, with most people commenting ‘What the f&%k?!’ or ‘Why is this a thing?’. You won’t see me commenting either of those things – I’m the odd one out, commenting heart-eyes emojis and ‘I love this!’. But why do I love these weird makeup trends, that probably make no sense to anyone else?

That’s exactly it. They make no sense. They’re not meant to, and that’s why I love them. The trends are fun and silly and a little bit of lightheartedness in the current seriousness of the world. It isn’t causing harm to anyone and is just all basically stemmed from a joke, so I never understand the unnecessary hate towards trend pictures and videos.

It makes my feed more interesting; in a sea of Insta-brows, I like seeing the wavy ones or the feather brows or the plaited brows. Don’t get me wrong, I like Instagram-style makeup, but it’s incredibly saturated when everyone seems to be doing the same thing.  I like variety! Different styles and colours and yes, even wavy brows, is what I like seeing on my newsfeed.

Not only is it unique and a change from the usual, it also makes makeup fun again. Makeup should be fun, creative and interesting but lately it’s seemed very serious and same-y, with the same makeup looks being done over and over again, and every makeup brand releasing a warm-toned palette. It’s nice to see the fun trends and challenges which inject some life into beauty. I love a cut crease or a warm smokey eye, but sometimes I love to see someone doing their makeup with an egg or a photoshopped squiggly lip line.

It’s also why I love editorial makeup. Editorial beauty is different from trends, as it isn’t about doing the weirdest thing possible, but about creating interesting and unique looks that photograph well and still look fashionable. Editorial makeup often gets slated for being unwearable and out-of-the-ordinary but that’s not the point of it – it’s not meant for everyday or for wearing to pop down to the shop. It’s the same with the makeup trends; they’re not meant to be a serious makeup tutorial for wearing on an everyday basis, or even for special occasions. It’s a bit of fun. Let people have their fun.




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