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W7 aren’t really that widely heard-of, considering they don’t sell their products in the usual places. They do, however, have their own stores (called W7 Beauty Outlet) across the UK, which sells both their products and a mixture of other brands at discounted – outlet – prices. I’ve been shopping at my local one ever since I moved into my current home but hadn’t found any products that I’ve been completely enamored with… until now.

w7 delicious berry

The W7 Delicious palette is, rather apologetically, an ABH Modern Renaissance dupe. The colours, the layout and the pans themselves don’t try and hide away, but blare out loud and proud that they are a much cheaper version of the cult classic palette. And it’s a lot cheaper. The palette retails for a modest £12.95 on the W7 website, but through eBay or the W7 Beauty Outlets it sells for just £6.99 – almost half the price. W7 distribute to many, many online sellers across Amazon and eBay as well as physical retailers like B&M and Savers.

This is nowhere near the first time W7 have duped a high-end brand, but unfortunately they hadn’t quite got the quality right (in my opinion) to be considered a serious contender even for other drugstore brands, let alone high-end brands. Until this palette. Granted, it’s not anywhere close to the quality of the Modern Renaissance, but it’s as good as a Makeup Revolution dupe, if not slightly better. That’s not to say that all their products are now suddenly good, because they’re not (besides the odd gem). But let’s get to down to actually reviewing the palette and having a gander at the swatches, shall we?

w7 delicious berry swatches

w7 delicious palette swatches

The shades don’t have individual names, which is always frustrating for reviews (and tutorials) as I can’t talk about the individual shadows easily. I will say, though, that everything swatched very well, but the shimmers weren’t insanely pigmented. You can see that quite clearly in the first picture (third shade along). It’s not as shimmery or metallic as I’m used to other cheap palettes providing. However the mattes swatched lovely and didn’t require building up to get to the pigment shown. This probably means that with more building, the mattes could be even better.

The brush that comes with the palette… isn’t bad. It’s a double-ended flat and blending brush; it’s actually quite decent considering the price and the usual style of sponge applicator we get in W7 palettes. The blending brush worked fine to blend out my eyeshadow using the palette but I have yet to try it with other shadows. The flat brush applied the shimmer shadows to my lid fairly well without needing a fixing spray.

As you can see, the palette performed fairly well on my eyes. I used quite a few of the shades to create this halo eye effect and the colours didn’t take a lot of work to build up or blend out. Of course, it wasn’t perfectly blended or pigmented, but it did rather well.

I do think, however, that there are limited looks you can do with this palette, which is the same as I say about the Modern Renaissance. The berry tones are so strong that each look will seem very similar and I don’t think there’s much scope for something out-of-the-box. Although, I’m not very creative with makeup (I hope to change that) and I’m sure more talented makeup lovers can create wonders with either palette.

This is a great alternative to the ABH Modern Renaissance for those of use who can’t afford the real thing, but only buy it if you love warm, berry tones, otherwise it will be a bit of a waste of a palette! I’ll be doing a blog post in the future about all the Modern Renaissance dupes I can find, so if you want some options, stick around for that.

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