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It’s no surprise to anyone that I love TAMBeauty brands – Makeup Revolution, Freedom, I♥Makeup and Makeup Obsession. I am asked ‘what’s worth getting?’ on an almost daily basis. I have recently completed my entire wishlist from the brands. As in, until they bring out more products, I literally have everything I want from them. It’s a lot, believe me. But I know the multitude of products makes it difficult to know what’s worth picking up, so I’ve spent hours coming up with a definitive list of what you need to put on your own wishlists! I’ll be updating this as new products come in, so if you’re a TAMBeauty fan, have this post bookmarked for future reference.

Currently updated as of: 26/10/2017



Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Lipkits, £6: The new formula of these (the old ones were sticky) dry down very quickly but don’t suck all the moisture from your lips. They come in lots of different colours and the lipliner is so creamy and pigmented. My personal favourite shades are Echelon and Reign.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipsticks, £2.49: These look a bit like MAC lipsticks (a list of all the TAMBeauty dupes to come soon, promise) and come in so many colours and either satin or matte finishes. I have the shades Duel (matte), Chauffeur (matte), You’re A Star and Looking Ahead.

Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lipsticks, £3: The packaging on these rose gold lippies is beautiful and also have a nice range of shades. The formula is the same as the Iconic Pro lipsticks from what I can tell; there’s just different shades and the packaging is worth the extra 51p. I have Chauffeur, Inspiration, Inclination and Lust.

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks, £4: The lippies that sparked a war in regards to duping. The packaging is stunning and I am obsessed with the creamy formula of these as well. Well worth picking up, even if it’s just to display on your dressing table. I have the shades Breathe, Greatest, Lifelong and Rebirth.

Freedom Brow Pomade, £5: I recently ran out of this and will definitely be repurchasing when I see some in-store! It’s an excellent pomade in a wide variety of colours. It can go a little dry at times but drop some oil into there and it’s as good as new.

Freedom Duo Brow Powder, £4: A great accompaniment to the pomade! This has a slightly darker and slightly lighter shade to play with, meaning you can get those ombre brows you see on Insta all the time.

Makeup Revolution Duo Brow Pencil, £2.50: A bargain ‘Goof Proof’ dupe! The spoolie is nice and stiff and the formula is creamy and longwearing. I like it for a really quick everyday brow.



Makeup Revolution Camouflage Corrector Palette, £8: Everyone should have a colour correcting palette in their makeup bag (hold tight, a guide to colour correcting is coming soon) as it’s one of those things that you won’t need everyday but is so very useful when you do need it. This one has a great range of shades and a lovely formula, too.

Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Base, £6: There was a huge primer water phase last year when all the brands started releasing them, including Makeup Revolution. This is perfect in the summer for refreshing and hydrating your face as well as being used as a standard primer. You can also use it to dampen brushes or re-spritz beauty blenders.

Makeup Revolution Baking Powder, £5: Starting with a very popular Banana powder, they’ve since released Lace and Terracotta (and are re-labeling the Ghost powder too) for different skintones. The powder is finely milled and makes your face super soft, or you can bake to your heart’s content!

Freedom Pro Eye Primer, £2.50: Despite being super cheap, this eye primer is so good at keeping your eyeshadow crease-proof all day and provides a great base for both matte and shimmer shadows. Makeup Revolution also do a similar one in their packaging.

Makeup Revolution Setting Sprays, £5: I don’t actually own these (I have too many) but I have it on good authority that these are as good as the NYX sprays. There’s an oil fixing one, an illuminating one and a normal one. Freedom and I♥Makeup also do setting sprays.

Makeup Revolution Flex Brushes, from £5.99: This is another product I don’t actually own as I’m not usually a fan of double-ended brushes, but these innovative brushes are definitely worth picking up if you struggle with holding a normal brush or if you are short sighted and need to be close to a mirror when doing your makeup. They come in singles or sets.



Makeup Revolution HD Pro Cream + Powder Contour Kits, £8: Yet another product I don’t own (the last one, promise… except for one more thing) but all I have heard is good things! I didn’t pick these up as I’m so pale that only a couple of shades would work for +me, so it seems like a waste to pick up an eight-pan palette. You can get these in either cream or powder forms, so there’s something for everyone.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt + Contour, £3.50: This is such an amazing, amazing product for SO cheap. The blusher in the Fair shade is a NARS Orgasm dupe, the bronzer is perfect for everyday and the highlight is so glowy and gold. Beautiful and a great travel companion!

Makeup Revolution Highlight Palettes, £8: The Soph X Makeup Revolution palette, Pro Glow 1,  Pro Glow 2 and the Ultra Cool Glow highlight palettes are worth picking up if you’re a highlight fan! You get 8 pans of highlights suited to multiple skintones and colour or finish preferences!

Makeup Revolution Blush Palettes, £6: I have two of these (Hot Spice and Blush Goddess) but there’s quite the range to choose from. Some palettes have highlight shades to use a blush topper and some are purely for blush, but any one of them have great range of shades and it is a handy palette to have.

I♥Makeup Duo Palettes, £6: There are four of these mini chocolate duo palettes – Bronze and Glow, Light and Glow, Peach and Glow, then Bronze and Shimmer (which is the only one I don’t have as it’s aimed towards deeper skin tones). They all have a highlight and either a blush or bronzer and I love them all. The packaging is very cute, too.

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Glow, £8: This little gem seems remarkably luxe (and a bit more expensive) compared to most other palettes in the TAMBeauty brands, but I’m not complaining. This cute bronzer and highlighter duo even comes with its own little pouch and the product itself is subtle and good for paler people.



I♥Makeup Blushing Hearts/Baked Highlighters, £5: The packaging of these blushes and highlighters is quite awkward and bulky to fit in your makeup drawers but it’s worth the annoyance. There’s a few shades of both the blushes and the highlights to choose from and they’re all so pigmented and smooth and gorgeous. So pretty to look at both in the pan and on your face!

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Blushes, £2.50: Despite my husband saying that the pattern reminds him of ballsacks, these little marble-effect baked blushes are the right amount of subtle and pretty. There’s a few to choose from (I have the nude shade ‘Make Love Instead’ and the pink ‘All I Think About Is You’) and they’re very cheap too!

Makeup Obsession Highlighters, £3: Makeup Obsession is a fun brand where you build your own palettes of face, lip, brow and eye products. The highlighters are definitely my favourite out of the four, with my favourites being Moon and Bare. Moon is the most blinding highlight I’ve ever seen and Bare is slightly more subtle.

Makeup Revolution Rainbow Highlighter, £4: You need this highlighter, even if it’s only to look at. It’s gorgeous! You can either use the colours individually or altogether for a blueish highlight. It’s a baked formula which means it’s very pigmented highlight as well, so you’ll be glowing like an actual rainbow.

Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighters, £5: There’s a shade for practically everyone with the eleven shades they currently have! I have Ice Kiss as I’m pale and as the name suggests, it’s a frosty white highlight that looks gorgeous on the skin and in the pan!



Freedom Pro Magnetic Palette, from £5: There’s two sizes to choose from and even if you bought both, it would still be cheaper than a Z-Palette and most other magnetic palettes! It’s a great budget way for storing your single pans of eyeshadows and other products.

Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette series, £8: The 32-pan Flawless series (consisting of 7 palettes at the present) are great quality shadows with a variety of colours. I personally love the Flawless 4 and Flawless 3 (I have reviews of them both, here and here) but I also have the Flawless 2 and the Flawless 1 matte (review of that one here as well).

Soph X Makeup Revolution Palette, £10: Other than a highlight palette, Soph also created an eyeshadow palette that quickly became everyone’s favourite! Featuring warm and neutral shades as well as some fun shimmers, this palette should be on everyone’s must-have list. Here’s a review!

Makeup Revolution Amplified Palettes, £15: If you don’t want to splash out the £22 for a Morphe palette, the Amplified range has 7 Morphe dupes! I have a review of the one I have, Inspiration, here. The palettes are a lot larger than other Makeup Revolution palettes and they are also Talc-free!

I♥Makeup Chocolate Palettes, from £7.99: There are now ten of these palettes in total, and I have seven of them! The ones I don’t have are Death By Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Golden Bar, but I do have the rest: Pink Fizz (review here), Chocolate Love (review here), Naked Chocolate, Chocolate Vice (review here), Chocolate and Peaches (review here), I♥Chocolate (review here), Rose Gold Chocolate (review here), Mint Chocolate (review here) and Chocolate Elixir (review to come). These are great quality palettes in so many different shades and the packaging is to die for.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Palettes, £4: There’s four Iconic palettes in the collection (duping the Urban Decay naked series from 1 to Smokey) with a fifth expected soon to reflect the Naked Heat palette. For £4 I really didn’t expect much but these are incredible for the price. So cheap but such good quality! The shadows are soft and easy-to-use and great for beginners.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Palettes, £6.99: This is the last item(s) that I don’t actually own, but only because the colours don’t appeal to me enough to buy them. These are dupes of the Lorac Pro 1 and 2, which is great news for those in the UK as Lorac isn’t sold here! I’ve heard great things about the quality as well.

Makeup Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals, £6.99: Lastly is the most popular palette on the site, so I was obviously going to include it in this list! This has a mix of warm tones and smokey neutrals and is so stunning. I don’t use this much as it’s a smallish palette and gets forgotten but there’s a special place in my heart for it.

Makeup Revolution Light and Shade Palette, £6.99: This palette doesn’t get mentioned a lot except for in dupe lists, but it’s actually a really good standalone palette. It’s talc-free and contains all matte neutral colours, with some hinting towards cooler and warmer tones. It’s excellent for an everyday matte look.

Makeup Revolution Life of the Dance Floor Palettes, £10: I have the ‘Guest List’ palette, which is a Naked Heat dupe, but there are three more palettes and 12 matching lipsticks to get your hands on! This is my favourite formula of palette and is so pigmented and blendable. Lush! There’s a review here…

If you want to hear me talk about all these products, check out the video below (and don’t forget to subscribe!).

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