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It’s no surprise to anyone that I love Revolution Beauty brands – Revolution, Revolution Pro, I Heart Revolution and Obsession. I am asked ‘what’s worth getting?’ on an almost daily basis. At the moment of writing, until they bring out more products, I literally have everything I want from them. It’s a lot, believe me. But I know the multitude of products makes it difficult to know what’s worth picking up, so I’ve spent hours coming up with a definitive list of what you need to put on your own wishlists! I’ll be updating this as new products come in, so if you’re a Revolution Beauty fan, have this post bookmarked for future reference.

You can buy Revolution products from Superdrug or and Obsession from Boots..

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best of revolution lipsticks, lipliners and lipgloss

Revolution Iconic Lipsticks, £3: These look a bit like MAC lipsticks (a list of all the Revolution dupes to come soon, promise) and come in so many colours and either satin or matte finishes. I have the shades Chauffeur (matte) and Looking Ahead.

Revolution Rose Gold Lipsticks, £3: The packaging on these rose gold lippies is beautiful and also have a nice range of shades. The formula is the same as the Iconic Pro lipsticks from what I can tell; there’s just different shades and the packaging is rose gold rather than black. I have Chauffeur, Inspiration, Inclination and Wishful.

Revolution Renaissance Lipsticks, £4: The lippies that sparked a war in regards to duping. The packaging is stunning and I am obsessed with the creamy formula of these as well. Well worth picking up, even if it’s just to display on your dressing table. I have the shades Breathe, Greatest, Lifelong and Rebirth.

Revolution Renaissance Lipliners, £2.50: These lipliners are designed to pair with the popular lipstick shades of the Renaissance and Iconic lipstick collections. So creamy and pigmented! I have the shades Chauffeur, Lifelong and Greatest.


best of revolution - base. setting spray, concealer, primer, foundation

Revolution Setting Sprays, from £5: I have the illuminating setting spray, which makes your skin glowy, not glittery or iridescent like a lot of other illuminating sprays. There’s also the original formula, sport fix, hyaluronic fix and oil control.

I Heart Revolution Fixing Sprays, £6: These four fixing sprays are scented! I prefer the Vanilla & Coconut scent the best. All of these help powder sink into your skin and keep your makeup in place.

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops, £7: I fell in love with these the first time I used them. Amazing, buildable coverage and flawless looking skin. You do only get 18ml of product, but it’s worth it.

Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick, £5: The foundation that broke the internet. Full coverage quick foundation application for a fiver, with a good shade range to boot. It’s worth giving a go to see if you love it as much as everyone else!

Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer, £4: Another ‘viral’ product, the conceal and define broke the internet when it launched for its Shape Tape-esque applicator and amazing shade range and coverage. I love the shade 0.5 to highlight under my eyes!

Revolution Pro Prime & Hydrate Primer, £7: One for the lazy or busy people – this is a primer/moisturiser in one! It feels like skincare but acts like a primer, hydrating your face and keeping your makeup on all day.

Revolution Pro Radiant Cool Pink Primer, £7: Another primer, this one gives you an all-over glow and hydration under your foundation. It smooths out the uneven skin texture I have and is a lovely base.


best of revolution - face. bronzer, contour, blush

Revolution Blush Palettes, £6: I have two of these (Hot Spice and Blush Goddess) but there’s quite the range to choose from. Some palettes have highlight shades to use a blush topper and some are purely for blush, but any one of them have great range of shades and it is a handy palette to have.

I Heart Revolution Blushing Hearts, £5: Any of the heart-shaped products in I Heart Revolution’s range are worth checking out! The formula is baked, which means more pay-off and an easy, blendable formula. I personally love the Goddess of Love highlighters.

Obsession Bronzer, £4: If you are too pale for most other bronzers, you need to check out the Obsession bronzer in the shade Natural. It’s so pale skin-friendly! It doesn’t have the warmth or muddiness that most other bronzers do.

Revolution Pro Supreme Highlights, £6: Oh. My. Goodness. I never knew what true highlight happiness meant until I tried this highlight. I have the shade Ice, and the highlights go on looking wet and dewy rather than glittery and powdery. Perfection.

Obsession Highlighters, £3: Makeup Obsession is a fun brand where you build your own palettes of face, lip, brow and eye products. The highlighters are definitely my favourite out of the four, with my favourites being Moon and Bare. Moon is the most blinding highlight I’ve ever seen and Bare is slightly more subtle.


best revolution eyeshadow palettes

Revolution Pro Magnetic Palette, from £4: There’s three sizes to choose from and even if you bought all three, it would still be cheaper than a Z-Palette and most other magnetic palettes! It’s a great budget way for storing your single pans of eyeshadows and other products.

Soph x Revolution Palette, £10: Sophdoesnails created an eyeshadow palette that quickly became everyone’s favourite! Featuring warm and neutral shades as well as some fun shimmers, this palette should be on everyone’s must-have list.

Soph x Revolution Extra Spice, £10: Round two! The second palette features less shades but the shades that are in here are beautiful. I love this palette and the formula!

I Heart Revolution Chocolate Palettes, from £7.99: There are now so many of these palettes to choose from. My top 5 are: Nudes, Violet Chocolate, Rose Gold, Mint Chocolate and Chocolate Orange. There’s reviews of all of them on my YouTube channel and blog – just search for the palette names in the search bar.

I Heart Revolution Mini Choc Palettes, £6: There are tiny travel sized versions of the chocolate bars! My favourite is Rose Gold, but there’s Nudes, Mint Choc and Choc Orange too, with more expected to drop in the future.

Revolution Reloaded Palettes, £4: What a bargain! These are so cheap but so good; three of them are dupes and one of them is a ‘sequel’ to a previous palette. They’re great for beginners and budgeters alike and the formula is surprisingly good.

Revolution Pro Mischief Mattes Palette, £8: I audibly gasped when the Pro line was launched and I saw these palettes. Look at all the brights! So beautiful and really pigmented. Definitely worth picking up for some fun looks.


best revolution eyebrow products

Revolution Brow Pomade, £5: Obsession and Revolution Pro also do brow pomades which I’m sure are similar, if not the same. This brow pomade rivals ABH Dip Brow – it’s creamy and pigmented and lasts all day long.

Revolution Pro Microblading Eyebrow Pencil, £4: I love very precise brow products and this one by Revolution Pro is great as the pencil is so skinny and the spoolie on the other end works really nicely. Brow products in the drugstore have really upped their game.

Renaissance Flick Eyeliner, £5: This eyeliner is easily the best in the drugstore. You can’t get better for the price. Your flicks will be perfect every time and will last all day as well.

If you want to hear me talk about all these products, check out the video below (and don’t forget to subscribe!). Click the image to watch.

best of trevolution



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