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Primark makeup sounds too cheap to be any good, right? Well, maybe not. Primark has proven itself to be upping its game in all departments – home, fashion and now beauty – and I think everyone has been shocked by the products on the shelves in recent times.

But as with any brand, there are both hits and misses. So to help you avoid the duds and get only the great bits, here’s the best of Primark beauty.

what's worth buying at primark


primark lip crayons, lipliners, lipkit and liquid lipsticks

My all-time favourite lip products are Primark’s velvet matte lip crayons. There’s a bunch of shades to choose from for just £2. The formula is so easy to use, non-drying and looks beautiful on the lips. I actually have all the shades besides two!

Another favourite is  the lipliners. Usually cheap lipliners are scratchy and not very pigmented, but these £1 beauties are creamy and rich in pigment. Well worth picking up a few. The ones that come with the lipkits are great too, as is the actual lipstick!

The PS Pro liquid lipsticks in the Jeffree Star-esque tubes are so longwearing and comfortable on the lips. They’re also very pigmented and just £3 each. I have four of them!


primark bronze palette, brow pencil and ps pro mascara

A good buy is the PS Pro High Definition Ultra Volume and Lift mascara. It can clump with too many coats, but luckily it only needs one for ultra black and defined lashes. It’s easily the best mascara Primark has to offer.

A great palette I’ve found in Primark is the Bronze palette. So pigmented and a stunning shade selection. A lot of Primark’s shadows have felt dry and looked quite sheer, but I was very pleased with this one!

A recent find in Primark was the 3in1 brow pencil, which has a powder sponge, spoolie and auto pencil, which reminds me of the Goof Proof pencil by Benefit. Great for only £2.



The single blushes I’ve tried have been beautiful; not too pigmented (which is a good thing with blush) and blend out so easily. I have the shade Taboo, but there are a good few to choose from, including some deeper shades for darker skintones.

Not that I’ve been able to find them, but the Mermaid Glow highlighter and ‘Holographic’ stick highlighter look phenomonal. I can also recommend the highlight quad palettes wholeheartedly! I do have, however, a strobe liquid I am currently mixing with primer for really glowy skin.

The contour kits and blush/highlight kits are fantastic quality and handy for travelling, since most come with a mini brush and mirror.


primark foundation, powder and primer

I love the two PS Pro primers – the Miracle Primer and Mattifying Primer. At £5 each, they seem a little pricier than the other products, but they’re well worth the semi-splurge. They feel really luxe and not Primark-y at all.

I’ve loved my £2.50 foundation since I first bought it; it’s my absolute Holy Grail! It looks amazing on the skin. Primark has another two foundations for different skin types – a matte foundation and a mineral one (which is a dupe for Estee Lauder Double Wear) – which are all under a fiver. Well worth a test to see what ones fit you.

Finally, the powders! I like the mineralised Loose Powder, which makes my skin look flawless. For oilier skin, there’s the mattifying powder and for a transparent finish, the PS Pro section has both a loose and pressed transparent powder.


primark brushes, sponges and skincare

Primark’s latex-free sponges feel a lot more expensive than their pricetag and blend out my foundation really well. They also do miniature sponges too for concealer which are super soft and expand nicely under water.

There’s also some beautifully soft brushes, either oval ones or ‘normal’ ones. They work amazingly well and are perfect for new makeup lovers, or those who just want some bargain brushes.

Lastly, the ‘skincare’ range. I love the lipscrub and ‘melt off’ facial cleanser. I also enjoy the tea tree spot remover, which really does work.

What do you love from Primark?

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  • Oh. Girl. Don’t even get me started on Primark Beauty. I’m a sucker for it. I live something like 2 hours away from the nearest Primark store (and that’s traveling via the subway – I live near Paris) but still, I manage to go there once or twice a week. Boy, I love their products. I’m going to London at the beginning of August and I’m going to pick up every bit I can – following my favorites there !

    I am in love with their lipliners. Like you said, they’re creamy and the colors are awesome – sometimes I pick a backup and I believe my record was with Rosewood Mauve – I have 10 of this one. I actually collect them and must have almost (or more ?) than 20 by now. There are only a handful I didn’t pick up (like the Hot Pink which was more cool-toned than warm-toned, a bright orangey shade, a very light pink… aso) but I’ll be tracking them down when I travel to London !
    I love their liquid matte lipsticks too, they’re very similar to the Golden Rose ones, down to the packaging which is identical ! Love the scent too.
    I have started to collect their Lip Kits, I have 4 and haven’t been able to get the other ones yet – too bad their communication is so bad – you never know what they’re gonna release or have already released.

    And oh !, my greatest find there lately : their Master Palettes range. AWE-SOME. Really. Truly. These are hard compact plastic-ey palettes with super pigmented shades in them. There are two Master Eye Palettes, one Master Blush Palette, one Master Highlight Palette and one Master Contour Palette. There’s only the contour one I don’t own (too warm-toned for me) but I’ve got the other 4 and … OMG. Living for these. Do pick ’em up if you can. You’re gonna love them ! 😉
    I’ve actually reviewed two out of the four lately – check out my posts if you’d like – promise that’s a great find ! 😀

    Oh. Now I want to go back to Primark. Ugh ! 😀
    Tissam x | Tissam Est La

    • I haven’t seen the Master palettes! Our primark has such a small beauty section but I’m aiming to get to a bigger Primark at the beginning of Autumn so I’ll have a look for some new bits then! 🙂

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