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Technic (to me) are one of those brands that, despite being very easily available on the internet and high street, rarely seem to get a look-in. I’ve tried a spattering of products in the past, like their loose setting powder, cream contour kit and highlighters, but I’d never looked into them any further than that. In 2018, I’m testing out a tonne of budget brands to see what bits are worth spending your head-earned cash on and what’s worth avoiding, so I thought of Technic almost straight away.

(I’ve also already tested out Miss Sporty!)

I planned to test out a ‘full face’ of the brand for a YouTube video anyway, but I contacted Technic to see whether there was any new releases to wait for. They replied the next day to let me know they wanted to send me a bundle of goodies to test out! I also picked up a few bits from Bodycare so there’s a mix of PR and self-bought products. There will be more details in that YouTube video (linked at the bottom of the post) but here’s a quick overview of everything I tested.

technic soft focus powder, technic primer spray

I unfortunately didn’t get to pick up a foundation or concealer (there was a severe lack of shades in my local Bodycare!) but I was sent the Primer Spray to test. This works like other aqua priming spray I’ve tried, in that it leaves the skin feeling slightly tacky but hydrated. No complaints!

The Photo Finish setting powder is a transparent loose powder which can be used easily for baking (see this post for more info) or just for setting your face. I found the powder to be extremely finely-milled which meant it kicked up a lot of ‘dust’, but it mattified and set my face really quickly and didn’t feel cakey.

technic contour kit, technic highlighter, technic high lights, technic blusher dome

Now for the face products. The contour kit was my first downfall – the powders are nice in terms of formula and blendability, but none of the shades were really contour shades. There were two warm browns I could bronze with and a few powder shades for powder highlighting, but no cool-toned contour powders or even pale bronzers for me to use to chisel and sculpt.

The Blusher Dome contains a shimmery blusher, shimmery bronzer and mini brush (the brush is way too small and stiff to use, in my opinion). The bronzer was a little too warm for me again – Technic caters towards more medium skintones I think and I don’t tend to enjoy shimmer bronzers – but the blusher was really nice and gave my cheeks a subtle peachy pink glow.

The High Lights liquid highlighter immediately caught my attention as a Benefit High Beam dupe. It looks very similar in terms of packaging and shade! The applicator wasn’t my favourite; it reminded me of a nail polish brush. However the highlight itself is very dewy-looking and glowy and provides a really nice skin-like finish due to its thin formula.

The powder highlighters are something I’ve used before, but I picked up a new shade just so I could try something different. I’m not sure what the shade name is as it doesn’t say it anywhere on the packaging but it’s a very pale pink-toned highlight. It’s definitely not as glowy as the other Technic highlighter I’ve used, but would be great for an everyday glow. It doesn’t pick up on any texture on my skin or look out-of-place on my face like some highlights do.

technic brow gel, technic brow kit, technic mascara

I was sent two brow products to try out, one being the Brow-Mazing brow gel and the other a powder brow kit which includes two brushes, a brow wax and some mini tweezers (which are adorbs, by the way). The brow powders aren’t anything unique if I’m being totally honest – there’s nothing wrong with them, but it’s not something I haven’t seen before. The brow gel, however, is something unique to me. The applicator is a small brush tip and the gel itself dries down fairly solidly, which means my brows lasted all day and most of the night too!

The mascara I was less-than-impressed with. I enjoyed the wand shape, as it had a slight ‘ball’ at the end of it, which meant I could reach my inner lashes and lower lashes really easily. However the formula wasn’t up to scratch; I don’t think it did anything to my lashes except coat them in black, whereas I prefer a lot of volume.

The lipstick is a deep red colour, which I really like. It’s actually very pigmented and lasts pretty well throughout the day, although it did wear off when I had some food and drink. It’s a large applicator, however, which made it difficult to get into the smaller parts of my lips and the formula feels quite dry when applying rather than creamy and smooth.

technic pro finish eyeshadow palette raspberry edition swatches, technic metalix eyeshadow

Lastly, the eyeshadows! I was sent the Metalix liquid eyeshadow, which I got in a metallic pink shade. These work like the Stila Magnificent Metals eyeshadows in that they go on as a liquid and dry down completely. It didn’t budge, crease or transfer all day and is so beautiful to look at as well – It’s not glittery but it’s very metallic and reflective.

The palette I was sent is the Pro Finish Raspberry Edition palette, which gave me Modern Renaissance vibes with the warm tones, pale grey-purple matte and magenta shade. Below are the swatches and an eye look I did with the palette and Metalix liquid shadow.

technic pro finish raspberry edition palette swatches

The shadows weren’t perfect, but I didn’t expect them to be. I liked the shade range and they were fairly pigmented. It took quite a lot of blending but I think the final look worked out really nicely in the end. I still prefer my Makeup Revolution palettes more, but I’m not disappointed at all.

I think that Technic are providing very accessible, affordable makeup that is definitely not bad in the slightest, but some of it isn’t to my taste. Makeup will work differently depending on your skill, preferences, tools and skin type, so just because I really like or dislike something it doesn’t mean you will really like or dislike it!

If you’d like to see how the makeup applied and hear me talk about the products in more detail, watch the video below! You can subscribe if you like, too…



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