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I was very lucky to receive the Tartelette vault for my 23rd birthday earlier in the month and thought I’d do a detailed review of all three for those of you who are wanting to invest in some high-end palettes. I think it’s important to investigate as much as possible when buying something more expensive, because it means you can make an informed decision to drop your hard-earned cash on something rather than just hoping for the best.

The Tartelette vault retails for £90, with free shipping from Tarte’s website if you spend over £30. The shipping also includes Customs, so you won’t get stung with that hefty 20% and fees invoice when it arrives. Tarte often has discount codes as well, so sign up for emails. I managed to find a 20% off code online, which meant my husband was able to get the vault for £72!

For that price you get the three (full-size) Tartelette palettes – Tartelette Matte, Tartelette in Bloom and the new Tartelette Toasted palette – which usually retail at £41 each. If you pay full price for the vault, you’re saving £33 rather than if you buy the palettes separately. The palettes come in a purple ombre magnet-close box that you can keep on display or re-purpose into something else. Each palette is packaged with gold-coloured sturdy plastic with a beautiful design on the lid, has a large mirror with the Tartelette logo printed on it and all of them have printed shade names below the pans.


The palettes themselves consist of twelve shadows with 1.5g in each pan. The Matte palette has twelve mattes, obviously, but the In Bloom palette has three shimmers and nine mattes and the Toasted palette has five shimmers and seven mattes. The shadows are infused with Amazonian Clay which makes the eyeshadows feel almost like a cream formula and mean that they glide on without chalkiness or patchiness according to the Tarte website.

All of the Tartelette palettes are fairly neutral, with some mauve tones in the Matte palette, pinks and neutrals in the In Bloom palette and warm browns in the Toasted palette, so if you’re after palettes that will become your ‘everyday’ palettes, these might be perfect for you. If you’re more into brights or colourful shadows, maybe not. To make using them even easier, the shades are coordinated in a way that means you can create an easy look using each row of four.



Matte palettes always appeal to me more because it’s what I use more of. I tend to use one shimmer on the lid, whereas I’ll use up to five mattes in a look. This palette looks perfect for a quick and easy everyday look with a little bit of a kick of mauve, or even a slightly smokey eye with the darker shades.


Even the palest and darkest shades swatched nicely. The shade Super Mom was probably the ‘worst’ swatch and even that was a great swatch compared to some of my cheaper palettes. In this palette you get a mix of warm and cool mattes which is great for those of us who like to mix things up. The shades are very everyday-friendly yet don’t feel basic as there’s a lot of depth and variation. This variation means you can create something really natural or go dramatic!



The In Bloom palette is a best-seller and it’s easy to see why. This is the ultimate everyday palette, with nudes to suit so many skintones. You can create a light and airy look or go deeper with the chocolate shades.


The deepest shades in the palette swatched brilliantly, which I’m not used to with my usual eyeshadows! The shimmers were very smooth and glittery without being chunky at all and the mattes were soft and pigmented. There’s a range of hues from very pale to deep chocolate, which means you can create a variety of looks with just this one palette. The shimmers are described as dainty micro-shimmers, which I definitely agree with – the shimmer shadows don’t seem chunky or too glittery at all and glide on as smoothly as the mattes. There are only three shimmers which means the palette isn’t overpowered by shadows that you can’t use in the crease.



The final Tartelette palette has a firey warmth to it whilst still remaining neutral and wearable; you won’t find a bright orange or shimmery red in this palette. You can go more shimmery with this one, with five to choose from, or stick to the classic mattes.


Yet again, great swatches, although I feel like this is possibly not as good as the other two palettes with pigment. The Candle shade was definitely not as intense as the other shimmers and Latte needed more building up. This was palette that was curated for the Tarte fans who asked for a warm palette, and so feels the most on-trend out of the three. As I mentioned, there are five shimmers in this palette which did put me off slightly; I would have liked to swap out the shades Crackle and Simmer for mattes so the colours are more wearable to me, but obviously palettes aren’t aimed at just me so I can’t complain too much!

This is the look I created using the Tartelette Toasted palette. I used S’more all over my lid, Cashmere as a transition, Latte and Warmth in my crease, Cozy in the outer corner and a tiny bit of Fireside on the upper lashline. I then used Sunset on my lid and Candle in my inner corners. There was quite a bit of kick back in the pan and on the brush in some of the shades, but not so much that it was an issue. There was some slight fallout from the shimmer shades on my cheekbones but it swept off with no staining. The shimmer shades applied 10x better with a finger rather than the flat brush I tried first, but I think a denser packing brush would have worked better as well.

I do think Tarte eyeshadows are worth splurging on. They’re soft, pigmented, so easy to blend and are friendly for beginners, pro makeup artists and all those in-between and, although they’re expensive, it’ll be palettes you can use all the time and really get your money’s worth.

If you do want to see a video review, check out mine below and don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoyed it!



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