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It’s been hinted for a while now on Instagram and crafty comments every now and then, so it really comes as no surprise that the Tammi X Revolution palette is finally here! If you’ve been living under a rock, Tammi Clake (makeupbytammi) is a YouTuber who is part of the Revolution Beauty social media team. After Soph’s (sophdoesnails) collab palette last year, it was only a matter of time until Tammi got one too!

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tammi x revolution tropical paradise palette

Tammi has brought out the Tropical Paradise palette – 23 eyeshadows in one handy-sized palette themed to be representative of Tammi’s home country in the Caribbean (Granada). What we get is definitely tropical – lots of fun colours like golds, reds, oranges, greens and even a blue. However we also have lots of neutrals to tone the bright colours down or do an everyday look with! Tammi is of course a woman of colour, meaning she designed her palette with people of colour in mind – this is evident as the palette is bright, insanely pigmented and there is a distinct lack of ‘wishy-washy’ colours. If you are fair-skinned, though, there’s no need to despair. Just use a lighter hand or rock it and go bold! It’s definitely a unique colour selection and something I’m pleased to see.

The layout of the palette is also something new. We’ve had similar layouts in Freedom palettes before, but none with the longer pans at the bottom. These three matte shades are the basics – a couple of transition colours and a base shade (or a matte highlight if you’re deeper skinned). It’s nice to see something unique in all aspects!

tammi x revolution tropical paradise palette swatches

Row one l-r: Pina Colada, Queen Lou, Tropical, Coralline, Exotic, Caribbean, Purpy Purps, Treasure, Adventure, Rich Soil, Coconut Cream, Nutmeg, Isle of Spice
Row two l-r: Moonlight, Enchanting, Burning Heat, Majestic, Paradise, Carnival, Golden Sands, Rainforest, Waterfall, Midnight Stroll

As you can probably see, there are roughly the same amount of shimmers as mattes (in fact, there’s 11 shimmers and 12 mattes). I do personally prefer there to be a larger ratio between the mattes and shimmers, but I’m a matte girl! As long as it’s 50/50, I can’t complain too much. The colour selection is gorgeous and everything swatched beautifully except the black, which came out as more of a grey and was quite sheer. However I do believe this is a manufacturing issue with my particular palette and not a formula or shade problem. If you’d like to see live swatches, there’s a video at the end of this post!

tammi x revolution tropical paradise palette tutorial

I created a halo eye with this palette which is definitely not my strong point, but practice makes perfect, right? I took Coconut Cream all over the lid to set my primer, Isle of Spice as a transition – which was very pigmented and had to blended out a lot – and Tropical in the crease. For the lid, I took Purpy Purps on the inner and outer corner and blended it slightly into Tropical. After creating the spotlight effect with my eye primer, I used Treasure and a little bit of Pina Colada on the centre of the lid and blended the edges. On the lower lashline I used a light hand with Tropical and Purpy Purps.

Everything blended out easily, even when I used too much of the Isle of Spice shade! I was happily surprised at the pigmentation and have no doubt that these colours would show up on much deeper skintones with no problem. Overall, I do think this palette is fun, good quality and easy to use as well as unique! Tammi did a great job. If you want to get this palette, it’s on for £10!



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