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In a move that surprised, well, no one, Soph from the youtube channel sophdoesnails has released her second collaboration with Revolution. Last time we were treated to an eyeshadow palette and a highlighter palette; this time there’s another eyeshadow palette and three nude lipsticks of various tones.

You can get the collection from (ships worldwide) or (ships to UK and Ireland): £10 for the palette and £4 each for the lipsticks. I’ll be swatching all of them, telling you how they perform, comparing the two eyeshadow palettes and giving my thoughts.

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soph x revolution extra spice lipsticks

The lipsticks are all nudes, engraved with the Soph X logo and have a slightly flatter and wider shape than the usual lipsticks from Revolution. The shades are called Cake, which is a pink-toned mid nude, Fudge, which is a light brown nude and Syrup, which is a deep warm-toned brown nude. The lipsticks all have a satin formula, but can be blotted with tissue to have more of a matte effect. They’re £4 each and I think they’re worth picking up – all the shades can be used with all skin tones (you may just need a lipliner if you have deeper skin).


soph x revolution extra spice

The Extra Spice palette is meant to be the ‘sexy big sister’ to the first Soph x Revolution palette, with a similar theme but more vibrant and spicy. There’s definitely more warm tones than cool, which can only be expected as they are Soph’s preferred colour palette – the main focus is the sunset shades of yellow, orange and red.

There is a scattering of cooler tones, like the dark brown, khaki greens and silver but the warm tones scream ‘summer’ to me and considering the palette was released in June, I think they got the theme of the palette pretty spot-on.


soph x revolution extra spice swatches
l-r: Everyday, Running Late, Infinity, Cheesecake, Cookie Dough, Dreams, Vitamin C, Sweet N Sour, Twenty One

soph x revolution extra spice swatches
l-r: Romance, Enchanted, Lakes, Brownies, Chocolate Orange, Mulled Wine, LA Sun, Aurora, Reputation

As always with Revolution palette reviews, there were a few shades that didn’t swatch quite as well as others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will perform badly on the eyes. Swatches don’t fully show how a shadow will work when blending or packed on the lid. The only shade I think will be a problem is Brownies, which is the dark cool toned matte brown. It was very dry and patchy and didn’t swatch very well whatsoever. I found the same with the black in Tammi’s palette, so there may be a manufacturing issue with a few palettes and a shade within them.

soph x revolution extra spice lipstick swatches syrup soph x revolution extra spice lipstick swatches cake fudge soph x revolution extra spice lipstick swatches

The lipsticks are very pigmented with one swipe on the lips and are fairly long-lasting, particularly if you blot. I prefer Cake, as I suit pink-toned lipsticks more! I didn’t need a lipliner, but you may do if you have deeper skin.


soph x revolution extra spice compared to soph x revolution

The big difference between the first and second palette is the number of shades. After lots of feedback, Revolution (and Soph) decided to include the names of the shades on the palette rather than on a plastic sheet, so things had to be shifted and there was only enough room for 18 shades. The pans are also a little smaller, coming up at 0.8g of product each, whereas the first palette’s pans were 1.1g each. Considering they are the same price (£10), it’s a little disappointing that you get 12g less product in the Extra Spice palette.

Both palettes are the same size and contain a mirror, but the first palette is completely matte nude pink and the second has rose gold packaging on the front and the matte nude on the back.

A few people said on social media that they thought the first and second Soph X Revolution palettes were too similar for it to be worth buying both, so I thought I’d swatch the ‘dupe’ shades from each palette to show you whether there was actually any identical colours.

soph x revolution extra spice compared to soph x revolution
Cookie Dough is deeper, however they have a similar undertone
soph x revolution extra spice compared to soph x revolution
Grow Old is a more glittery, but they are very similar in colour, if not identical
soph x revolution extra spice compared to soph x revolution
Cloudberry has some scattered micro glitter in, is lighter and has a more peachy undertone than Sweet N Sour
soph x revolution extra spice compared to soph x revolution
Pumpkin is more of an orange, Strawberry fields is a hot pink and Danger is a lot darker. Twenty One still has a pink undertone but is more on the bright red side
soph x revolution extra spice compared to soph x revolution
Romance is most similar to Festive Flame but it has the pink shift to it that Mixed Berries has
soph x revolution extra spice compared to soph x revolution
Brownies didn’t swatch well but all three are dark browns. Rosewood has a taupe undertone and Mug Cake has a slight hint of warmth. Brownies is more neutral and lighter
soph x revolution extra spice compared to soph x revolution
Pine Tree is more of a bright khaki, whereas Aurora is more of an olive and isn’t as pigmented
soph x revolution extra spice compared to soph x revolution
Nightmare looks more brown compared to Reputation which is a true black

There were no dupes found for the shades: Penguin, Pancakes, Fairy Lights, Pink Champagne, Cuppa Tea, Sparks Fly, Smokey Bronze, Tiramasu, Peaches, Petrol, Pug, and Copper Coin in the first palette. There were no dupes found for the shades: Everyday, Cheesecake, Infinity, Vitamin C, Enchanted, Lakes, Chocolate Orange, Mulled Wine and LA Sun in the second palette.


soph x revolution extra spice tutorial

I’ve never done a full cut crease before, so I thought maybe it was time to give it a go. If you’d like to see a step by step tutorial, there’s a video at the end of this post which you might enjoy! But here’s how I did it:

soph x revolution extra spice tutorial

I first primed my eyes using Revolution Conceal & Define in C0.5, using my fingers and a flat brush to tap the product in. In my transition area, I used the shade Mulled Wine, buffing it in with a big fluffy brush. Slightly lower down, I used Enchanted to deepen the colour. Both of these went on easily and pigmented and they blended so well. I then cut the crease completely using the same concealer I used as a base by using a small flat brush and tapping motions.

On the inner third of the eye I placed Infinity, again tapping the product on with a flat brush. For the centre, I chose Vitamin C, making sure to blend it into Infinity as I did so. On the outer third of the eye I placed Sweet n Sour (again, blending into the yellow) and on the outermost part of the look I chose Twenty One. I cleaned up the outer corners with a makeup wipe and placed the same colours on the lower lashline.

I found the colours really pigmented and vibrant on the eyes, but I’ll be interested to see how they all perform when blended normally (rather than packed on).


Whilst I do think it’s cheeky that they’re charging £10 for less product and less shades, I do like this palette. I think the colour scheme is lovely and even with a dud shade (grr, Brownies) it is still a versatile product that I’m excited to continue using. Is it the most unique palette in the world? No. You can get other palettes that are similar. But it’s fun. It’s cute. And it’s by Soph, who is a lovely person (both online and in real life, I can attest to that) so I’m always up for supporting her.

Not to throw shade at Revolution (you know I love them), but I do think this collab palette was released way too soon after the previous three. Tammi’s was released 11th May. Maxineckza’s surprise palette was released on the 16th May and Carmi’s was only two days later on the 18th May. Soph’s was released just under three weeks later on the 6th June. These release dates mean they weren’t give space to breathe and to be used and enjoyed before the next one came along. Most people can’t afford to buy four palettes within four weeks, so will likely just get the newest, meaning the others get forgotten about. Considering Soph’s first palette was released in September 2017, you’d think they could space the releases out a bit more. Revolution are known for their weekly releases, but even still. I thought it was little rushed.

Remember you can pick everything up from Superdrug or RevolutionBeauty, and it will be appearing in most Superdrug stores from the 20th onwards.


  • The colors in the newest palette are incredibly gorgeous and the packaging is just lovely with that sleek rose gold color!! Excellent post and lovely swatches!! ♥


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