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Whilst elaborate and intricate festival makeup tutorials float around the internet in the midst of festival season, promising the perfect festival aesthetic for those crucial instagram pics, I sit here thinking to myself, ‘who would want to do 90 minutes of makeup in a soggy tent at their favourite festival and, more importantly, who wants to bring a whole suitcase of makeup with them to a field?’ 

Even if you’re glamping, no one wants to spend their entire, hungover morning perfecting their makeup, especially in the not-so-great lighting of a tent. I’ve put together some festival makeup looks that are super quick(ish) and easy instead.

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simple festival makeup gems.jpg

I picked up this Lottie London gem set for just £2.99 from Superdrug and they are really effective for festival glam. Keep eyeshadow simple with silver on the lid, but match the lower lashline and lashes by using blue mascara and eyeshadow or eyeliner. Keep your face pretty neutral and finish the look off with a line of blue or silver (you can use a wet brush and the same eyeshadow as on your eyes) down the centre of your bottom lip. I used the Eyes Like Angels palette for this look.

SIMPLE glitter festival makeup.jpg

Grab a pigmented glitter shadow, liner, loose glitter or pigment and follow the bottom of your brows. Keep everything else simple, except for your lips, which you can match to your eyes by using the same shadow dabbed over lipbalm or lipstick, or contrast with a completely different colour like me – I’ve used the Pixie Kisses lip topper from Primark (which is a Unicorn Tears dupe).

festival makeup

This is probably the most intricate look, but is actually quite simple. Choose a single shadow (I’ve gone for a bright yellow) and buff that all around the eye. Use silver glitter or coloured liner (I used the Collection Glam Crystals liner, which is only £3.99) to draw a line under my brows and a couple of lines around my eyes. I then used the same gems as the first look, as well as some others from The Gypsy Shrine under the eyes. I finished off with a bright pink lippy!

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