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Revolution recently released four new additions to the Reloaded palette collection! We were first treated to the Reloaded palettes in January of this year, and I reviewed them in this post. These palettes are £4 each and you can buy them from the Revolution Beauty website, which ships worldwide! (links affiliated)

The previous palettes had three dupes and one original, whereas this release has three originals and one dupe! The palettes are budget friendly, therefore to save cost they don’t have shade names or mirrors, which may be an issue if you film tutorials, write reviews or travel.

revolution reloaded palettes

revolution reloaded palettes revolution reloaded palettes

revolution reloaded palettes


revolution reloaded palettes visionary swatches revolution reloaded palettes visionary swatches

The Visionary palette has a purple theme; cool neutrals alongside purple-toned neutrals and pops of brighter purples. This one does have a few lighter shades that probably wouldn’t work for deeper skintones, but the Violet Chocolate palette from I Heart Revolution (reviewed here) is basically an expanded version of this palette which might work better. There are a couple of shades which did need more building up than others, but the shimmers are beautiful and the mattes are soft.

revolution reloaded palettes newtrals 3 swatches revolution reloaded palettes newtrals 3 swatches

Again; beautiful shimmers and soft mattes. In fact, all four palettes are the same, so I won’t repeat myself each time. The Newtrals 3 palette is a big sister to the Newtrals 2 (released in the first lot of Reloaded palettes) and the Newtrals vs Neutrals palette. It has warm neutrals mixed with warm reds, oranges, pinks and purples. This palette is probably the most pigmented out of the bunch, but I have to say I’m a little bored of warm tones and neutrals in palettes.

revolution reloaded palettes basic mattes swatches

The Basic Mattes palette is what it says – it’s a palette full of basic mattes. This is the first fully matte Reloaded palette, and despite it being basic mattes, there are a few shades in here I wouldn’t have expected, like a mustard and a muted olive green. There’s darker and lighter shades and a mix of warm and cool tones, so you can create a surprising number of looks. Pair it with another palette containing shimmers and the possibilities are endless.

revolution reloaded palettes velvet rose swatches revolution reloaded palettes velvet rose swatches

Finally, the Velvet Rose palette is the dupe. It has one more shade than ABH Soft Glam, but does recreate the shades really well, as you can see from the swatch comparison (top is ABH, bottom is Revolution). Of course, there’s no doubt that the Soft Glam, at £43, would be higher quality – the pigmentation and feel of the shadows is obvious, even with just swatches – but the Velvet Rose is a good alternative for those who don’t have over £40 to spare on an eyeshadow palette.


revolution reloaded palettes visionary eye look

Visionary was a fun palette to work with. I put a neutral shade in the transition (and a slightly darker one in the crease), then a darker brown in the outer corner. I cut the crease and used two purple shimmers on the lid, then blended them out into the dark purple shade. The darker purple actually went very patchy on the outer corner, which was strange, but I didn’t find that it happened with any of the other shades.

revolution reloaded palettes newtrals 3 eye look

Newtrals 3 I found quite difficult to work with, because I didn’t know what look to do. In the end, I used the light pink in the transition, magenta in the crease, darker magenta in the outer corner and then the golds on the lid. Again, the darker magenta on the outer corner went patchy and lifted off when I tried to pack on more colour.

revolution reloaded palette eye look basic mattes

For the Basic Matte look, I decided to go with a standard brown smokey eye, but my first shade was the mustard colour, so it added a slightly different edge to the look. I cut the crease with some glitter liner, but I do prefer a shimmer shade on the lid. This palette seemed to blend easier than the others! Luckily, the patchiness didn’t show up for this look.

revolution reloaded palette eye look velvet rose

The Velvet Rose palette look wasn’t my best work as I was in a rush to get it done. I ended up doing another brown smokey eye, with gold on the lid. It didn’t have the patchiness issue but didn’t blend as nicely as the Basic Mattes. I do obviously prefer the Soft Glam, but it is a decent palette anyway and I do recommend it as a dupe.


revolution reloaded palettes

It is annoying that some of the deeper shades seemed to go a bit patchy on the outer corner. I’ll have to do some more experimenting with different bases and brushes before I slate them completely, but that is a bit of a dealbreaker with me. Everything else is perfect; the pigmentation, blendability (not a word, but it should be), price. And most of the shades aren’t patchy, but if you need to deepen the outer corner, you’ll be annoyed and have to dip into a different palette.

You can buy these palettes from (ships worldwide) for £4 each and they are also coming to Superdrug soon. The video below shows live swatches and a tutorial as well as some more detailed information!



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