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Makeup Revolution have duped it again with their new Liquid Highlighters, with seven shades to suit most skintones, including a Unicorn highlight (very on-trend). The highlighter retails at £6. They will be released in stores later on in the year and will be heading overseas in October.

The bottles contain 18ml of product which is 3ml more than the CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops that the Makeup Revolution ones seem to be emulating. They have very similar packaging, with the cylindrical bottle and dropper applicator, although the CoverFX ones have silver lids rather than rose gold. There’s also a huge difference in price, with the CoverFX drops being £34!


makeup revolution liquid highlighter starlight swatch

I picked up the lightest shade (Starlight) as I’m very pale and it seems like the colour that would suit my skintone best. It’s a very pale rosy pink with an icy silver shift to it, and it looks absolutely stunning in the swatches, as you can see. It’s extremely runny and feels slightly oily so you really don’t need much of it at all as it spreads easily across the skin without sinking in. That’s actually a down side of this highlight – it doesn’t blend into the skin very well and instead sits on top of it which makes it less flawless-looking.


This is the highlight completely blended into my arm. Rather than a glowy sheen or metallic finish, the highlight is mostly micro glitters. I actually think it’s too glittery to be used as a normal liquid highlight or mixed into foundation and should probably be saved for events like festivals unless you’re an extreme glitter fan. It spread over my entire arm and left my hands covered in glitter. Make sure you use the tiniest amount possible when you put it on your face! You can always add more, but you can’t take it away easily.


I used foundation under the highlight and although it didn’t disrupt the foundation underneath when I applied it (probably as it’s so slippery and thin), it didn’t work well with powder when I set everything into place. It turned grey and the glitter went chunky, making my skin look very textured and uneven. It didn’t look nice at all! It’s difficult to tell in the photograph, but I took it straight off after I took it because it looked awful.

I will try and make it work by trying different methods of application, but my first impressions of this product aren’t great, which is a shame because I had such high hopes and it does look gorgeous in the swatches. If you’ve picked this up yourself, let me know how you made it work for your skin!

Below is a video review that I filmed for my YouTube channel, so if you’re wanting to see what it looked like as I applied it (with different methods of application), check it out and subscribe if you enjoyed it!



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