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Revolution Beauty very graciously gave me a 20% off voucher for my personal use, so of course I took FULL advantage of that and ordered pretty much everything on my Revolution Beauty wishlist, minus a couple of things that were out of stock (and, typically, loads of new September releases were confirmed a day after my order). I also bought a couple of items to go into my giveaway pile… Instead of one large haul at the end of the month, I thought I’d do two or three smaller ones, so let me know if you’d prefer small hauls or one larger one for future posts!


I have been obsessed with completing my lipstick collection recently, so I picked up the last Lip Geek lipstick by I♥Revolution that I needed, which is in the shade ‘I Worked For It’. I already have ‘Totally Not Boring’ but I HATE having individual lone lipsticks – I have to have 2 or 4 (or more) of each type! It’s a light purple-red that looks deeper in the tube and in the swatches online but I do like the colour anyway, especially for just £1.99.

I also chose a pan of Makeup Obsession’s cream contour in ‘Light’, as I have been meaning to pick up some cream contour products for a while. This isn’t very pigmented but is a good colour and I like to use it for more natural, everyday looks. It’s only £3 for the pan and will slot in nicely into my custom palette!

I’ve been wanting to try the I♥Revolution Light and Glow duo palette for ages as well, since it released! This is such a cute mini palette with gorgeous packaging and contains a stunning highlight and shimmery pink blush. The blush I don’t find to be very pigmented at all, but it’s nice for a glowy look and the highlight is blinding. It’s £6 for the palette!

Lastly (in this picture) I finally bought one of the I♥Revolution Goddess of Love highlighters in the shade ‘Goddess of Faith’. Not only is the packaging absolutely stunning, but the highlight inside is beautiful. Possibly the cutest makeup item I’ve ever bought, and only £4.99 too. Bargain.


If you’ve seen my review of the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter, you’ll know I didn’t really like it that much due to the finish of it and the fact it was so intensely glittery. But I have yet to try it mixed in with foundation, so I won’t write it off completely as a fail, but this new collection (there’s seven shades, I have ‘Starlight’) is beautiful yet not very wearable in my opinion! They are £6 each.

I’ve been waiting for weeks to get this Makeup Revolution Camouflage Correct concealer palette, which is £8. The packaging is gorgeous, although prone to getting grubby and I’ve been using the green and light pink almost every single day since I got it! It’s so handy, especially because I have so many spots and very dark circles right now.

I have the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Blusher in ‘All I Think About Is You’ and LOVE it so I decided to pick up another shade, this time in ‘Make Love Instead’ to enjoy. These are just £2.50 and are stunning baked, slightly shimmery subtle blushes. This one is a little lighter pink than my previous blush.

The next item is something I was very excited for, and that’s the Makeup Revolution Gradient Highlighter in ‘Sunlight Mood Lights’. I thought that this would be too dark for my skin tone, so I avoided it for a while, but I saw that some people were using the darker side of the gradient as a blush instead! It’s so beautiful (and so cheap at just £4) and I can’t wait to use it.

Lastly (in this picture), I got the Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Eye Contouring Brushes, which came in their own little soft makeup bag. These were £12, which I thought was a little steep as the brushes are quite small and nothing out of the ordinary, but they’re sweet all the same and I’m currently using them as my everyday brush set.


I chose two Makeup Revolution Renaissance lipsticks in the shades ‘Greatest’ and ‘Breathe’. They’re both nudes, with one being pink or mauve-toned and one being more brown-toned. I love the packaging and formula of these; they feel so much more luxe than the £4 they cost.

I also got two Makeup Revolution Ultra Amplification lipsticks in the shades ‘Activate’ and ‘Tenacious’, which both come out as a pink-purple colour despite looking quite nude. I like the formula of these as well, but I’m not the biggest fan of the colour on my lips. They’re only £3 each, though.

The Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro lipstick is in the shade ‘You’re A Star’, which (surprise, surprise) is a true nude. I still have one Iconic Pro lipstick to get to complete my collection, but I want to wait and see if they bring out more shades first, as I only want four of them for some reason. These are £2.49 each!

The Makeup Revolution Iconic Rose Gold lipstick is in the shade ‘Inclination’, which is also a true nude, slightly more pale than ‘You’re A Star’. It’s a very wearable everyday shade and it stays on the lips for a fairly long time considering the price, which is £3.

Finally, I picked up the last Makeup Revolution Retro Matte Lip Kit on my list, which is a liquid lipstick and a lipliner in the shade Reign. This again is a nude but is definitely pinker than most of my other nudes. This is an updated formula and isn’t sticky anymore which is a huge plus. The lipliner is also really longwearing and creamy! The kits are £6.

I’ll be reviewing a couple of Revolution’s new releases later this month so make sure you’re following me if you want to see that!



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