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They’re not even trying to hide it, are they? Makeup Revolution have duped it again with their seven 35-shade Amplified palettes that launched at the end of May, recreating a few Morphe palettes at an only-very-slightly reduced cost of £15 each. I’ve compiled a complete dupe list if you’re wanting to save a fiver or collect them all (or if you want to avoid getting two palettes that are practically the same):

Inspiration: 35OM
Neutrals Warm: 35W
Neutrals Cool: 35N
Dynamic: 35P
Commitment: 35T
Direction: 35OS
Luxe: 35F

What about the packaging? Most noticeably, the large (huge) mirror that comes with the Inspiration palette immediately trumps Morphe, which doesn’t have one. Both palettes are black and fairly simple, although Makeup Revolution includes more information and feels sturdier, with its shiny black casing looking more expensive than the matte black plastic of Morphe. Both palettes came wrapped in a double layer of bubble wrap which kept them protected during shipping, but the Morphe palette had one cracked pan.

Inside, we can see that the Makeup Revolution pans are very slightly smaller and closer together. A check on the packaging shows that there are around 30g on actual eyeshadow, whereas Morphe boasts a net weight of 56g. Price-wise, if you’re in the UK, Morphe costs around 42p per gram. Makeup Revolution costs 50p per gram.  The extra 8p per gram could be for the packaging.

You can tell straight away what palette Inspiration is trying to emulate. Side-by-side, the palettes look identical, except for the lack of shimmer shadows in the Makeup Revolution one. I, unfortunately, don’t own the Morphe 35OM to do a true comparison.

At first glance, ignoring the shimmers, we have two identical palettes. But their formulas are different – Morphe’s first ingredient is Talc, and the Amplified palettes are Talc-free, great for those who are sensitive to Talc. Talc is cheap to use in makeup and can often lead to the chalky feeling of shadows. Formula is important – it’s not good looking nice in a palette if it doesn’t transfer that pigment to the eyes.

To see the colour differences, I will be swatching the palettes row-by-row next to each other on my arm. An important note to mention is that the Makeup Revolution shadows have names, whereas Morphe’s don’t! Morphe will be on the TOP and Makeup Revolution is on the BOTTOM.

Most of the Makeup Revolution shadows swatched better than the Morphe shadows. The Morphe shimmers are gorgeous and do better than Makeup Revolution’s shimmers in other palettes, but unfortunately we cannot compare that with these two. There were shadows in both palettes that needed more building up, but generally Morphe was more sheer. Makeup Revolution’s shadows felt so soft and creamy whereas Morphe’s felt very dry.

Swatches mean nothing if it doesn’t look good on the eyes when blended out! I’ve used a number of shades to create a look on each eye – which palette do you think did which side?

(Spoiler alert: Morphe is on the right!)

As with the swatches, Morphe’s shadows were less pigmented and required more building up to get the same level of pigment as Makeup Revolution. However, this did make them more blendable and therefore the end result looked better. I think I would need to practice with the Amplified palette a lot before it looked like the Morphe side.

These are the shadows I used [same shade location with each palette]:

Make-up (13).jpg

Now let’s talk about the fallout. Morphe didn’t really have that much at all as the shadows are quite dry. However, Makeup Revolution’s was fallout city, and 3 of the pans crumbled completely when swatched with a brush! I was sent a replacement after taking these photos, which was also smashed. At this point I’m not sure if it was a delivery issue or a manufacturing one but I have asked Superdrug and Revolution Beauty.


After everything has been taken into consideration, if you’re in the UK I would head over to Superdrug and pick one up from Makeup Revolution to ensure your palette doesn’t get broken in transit! However, people in the US might as well get a Morphe palette as they’re pretty cheap and easier to get a hold of.

You can risk buying the Makeup Revolution palette online at Superdrug (UK) or TAMBeauty (Worldwide) for £15!

What do you think of the palettes? Do you agree with Makeup Revolution duping Morphe?



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