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I challenged myself to recreate some ‘editorial’ makeup from magazines, photoshoots or music videos. After scouring the net, I found a look I thought I could do without too much hassle. I don’t have the exact same makeup as the MUA used for the shoot, but I thought that would be part of the challenge. Here’s the shoot I found that I decided to recreate:

Editorial_Makeup004.jpgI thought the model had a similar face-shape to me and I wear a purple smokey eye quite a lot (not to this extent, though) so it was fun trying to get similar to this. The eye makeup is a lot harsher and darker than I usually go for and the brows are a lot thinner than mine (sorry, I’m not going to shave my brows off for one MOTD…) but for a first attempt, it’s a fairly simple look to recreate.

This is how it went!


Of course, as I didn’t have the same tools as the MUA in the editorial look I couldn’t recreate it exactly, but I think it doesn’t look too different. With the eye look, I would have preferred a deeper purple and a smokier look on the lid. I would have liked dewier skin and glossier lips as well, but the overall effect isn’t awful.

I will repeat the challenge at some other point and hopefully do a bit better!



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