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Prom is a major event in many young people’s lives and is the culmination of all the hard work you did in high school. I had mine in 2011, which was seven(!!) years ago, when I was 16. I remember girls in my year planning their prom look at least two years before then. I was one of those people, until I went through a bad time at school and I began to almost dread the event. You can read about my experience at school in this post.


I’ve always loved dressing up all fancy; getting my hair and makeup done and generally looking snazzy. Prom was a chance to do that, but it also felt like a competition with the other girls – who had the highest heels, the most makeup or the best dress. My dress was an eBay find and was lovely, but it’s not something I’d be comfortable with wearing now. I’d probably hide in black, or something with sleeves.

prom experience - prom dress

The prom itself was dire. It was in a nice venue (Arundel Wildfowl & Wetlands Centre, if you were wondering) but it was like any other school disco, with a DJ playing cheesy songs and a lacklustre table of party food and juice cartons. The arrival was the best bit; limos and fancy cars dropped off everyone in their pairs or groups – I went with a male friend in a blue Ford Anglia – and there was a huge crowd and a red carpet to walk down. prom dress

After prom ended and we all got changed in a rush, there was an after party at someone’s house – they’d hired a marquee and had a family member being a DJ. I brought (and drank) two bottles of Lambrini and danced too much with people that probably didn’t like me all that much. At around half midnight, the party was ended prematurely by the police after noise complaints, so we wandered down to the beach with heels and alcohol in hand. Drinking on the beach isn’t what I thought would happen on my prom night! Especially when a girl I had been feuding with threatened to stab me with her flip knife. At around 4am, I walked home with the same friend I went to prom with, utterly defeated by underage drinking and the need to pee.


prom eye makeup

So, onto the makeup look. I thought I’d try and do something that would be fairly easy for someone to recreate at home on themselves and also something that would go with a lot of outfits. You can swap out the gold glitter for silver to match your jewellery, or put a different colour on the lid to complement your dress. Here’s the low-down on how I did it:

Prime your eyes! It’s so important for pigmentation and long-lasting makeup. If it needs it, set the primer with your face powder or a skintone shade of eyeshadow. I used the Tartelette In Bloom palette from Tarte first, taking a light pink shade to buff into the transition area, followed by a browny-pink in the crease. Between every step I blended it all together with the brushes I’d used previously. In the crease I also chose a rose pink shade  from the Zoeva Smoky palette and then used a more purple colour on the outer corner, tapping it on first and then blending it out. I cut the crease using my concealer, then tapped on a couple of the pink shimmers shades in the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette. Then I added some more of the purple shade from the Zoeva palette on the outer corner again to blend everything together. I lined the cut crease with a glitter liner from Collection! Underneath the eye I took the same shades on a small shader brush.

prom makeup look

For the rest of the face I chose products that I knew were very long-lasting and were tried and tested. New makeup is probably the wrong choice for prom – you want to make sure your makeup will look good by the end of the night and in flash photography. I chose a natural bronzer and a light blush because I wanted the eyes to be the main focus. The lipstick was a nude lipliner and a pink-nude lipstick from Seventeen. There’s a tutorial below if you’d like to watch it in detail.


My advice for prom is to just have fun and don’t take it too seriously. It’s a celebration of the end of school, end of exams and probably the last time you and all of your school friends will be together. Dress how you want, but don’t spend too much money on something you’ll forget about in a few years. Honestly – the after parties are better than the actual prom. Make sure to take flat shoes in your handbag (if it’ll fit), your phone and/or camera for pics, lipstick top-up, powder if you’re oily and plasters for the blisters. Don’t get too drunk and stay safe, wherever you end up!



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