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It’s been two months since the beginning of my 2018 Project Pan series and I have yet to post an update! Admittedly there hasn’t been much progress, but I still felt like I owed the world an update anyway. If you haven’t read the first post, by the way, you can find it here.


Although I haven’t used up any of the five products in my Project Pan, I have been using them fairly often. To begin with, I kept forgetting to use them, even though they were kept in a separate place away from the rest of my collection. I just wasn’t used to using the same things every day! I was also having to contend with my Makeup Roulette challenge – which I think I’ve given up for now, by the way – and also as I was anticipating a giant declutter, I was trying to test my entire collection out before that happened. Using the same products each day was just too much on top of that.

No one tells you how hard Project Pan can be! I had an almost-empty handful of products plus a powder I loved to use as my go-to, so it should have been quick and easy to empty them. That wasn’t the case – when I did start using the products a lot, they just kept on going! Despite them feeling and looking empty, I just kept being able to squeeze enough out to use that day. Even a sample mascara I’ve been using for months hasn’t shown any signs of being close to finishing.


Project Pan update - Collection primed and ready invisible setting powder project pan update

You can’t really tell how much I’ve used in four out of five of my Project Pan products. The only noticeable difference I can see is in the Collection powder, where I’ve widened the dent. I’m still enjoying the products I chose; I don’t have any regrets. I’m just concerned that they’re never-ending and I won’t be able to finish the project this year!

I’ve been using the products at least once a week – sometimes I’ll be testing out other makeup items for videos, or just won’t wear makeup at all – so I think it’s taking me longer because of that. I’m not in a rush to finish anything, though.

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