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Another month, another Primark haul. Every time I go into Primark there’s new releases filling the shelves, so I went twice this month and managed to grab some really lovely beauty bits and some accessories (as well as clothes and a pair of shoes, but that will be in the haul on YouTube).


PS… My Perfect Colour Liquid Concealer – This Maybelline Fit Me dupe concealer comes in all the foundation shades (whereas drugstore concealers usually skip some shades!) so I quickly picked up the shade Porcelain to test for £2. I’ll be testing loads of Primark makeup in a video soon, so make sure you’re subscribed if you want to see that.

PS… Insta Girl #nofilter Priming Oil – I’ve been meaning to try facial oil as part of my makeup routine for a while, so I thought I’d experiment first with a cheap Primark one (£5 is cheap, right?). I really like the cute bottle packaging and can’t wait to try it out to prime and mix in with other products.

Acrylic Lipstick Holder – I love acrylic makeup storage and don’t really need another lipstick holder, but I saw the pink surrounding this 12-tube storage container and had to pick it up, especially as it was just £2.50. I’m planning to use this to display the lipsticks I don’t use, but own for packaging reasons.

Multicolour Earrings and Necklace – I saw the necklace first and fell in love with the rainbow gems within the gold. I then spotted the dangly matching pair of earrings which I love even more and then couldn’t resist picking up the ‘behind the lobe’ earrings, as they were so interesting to me and not something I’d seen before. All of the jewellery came to £5 in total!


PS… Workout Shape Up Lip Liner – I have no idea what the shade of this lipliner is, as it doesn’t say anywhere on the pencil which is one of my most annoying beauty pet peeves. It comes out as a deep 90s-esque toffee brown and is so creamy and pigmented, as Primark lip liners always are. And it’s only £1!

PS… Insta Girl Satin Matte Lipstick in #LikeThat – This is a ‘your lips but better’ shade for me and is almost too pale of a nude, but I can just get away with it. I like the formula; it doesn’t drag like a lot of cheap matte lipsticks do but isn’t too creamy that it slides around everywhere either. This was £2.50!

PS… Amplifeyed Mascara – I needed to pick up a mascara for my Testing Primark Makeup video, so I wasn’t fussed which one it was, but I liked the rose gold packaging and the hourglass-shaped wand of this one! This was £2 and I have yet to try it out, but if it doesn’t work well, I won’t be too fussed.

PS… Cheeky Peachy Palette – This cute trio palette smells like peaches! It smells identical to the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette which is lovely (and makes me want to eat it). It contains a matte pink blusher, a shimmery mauve blusher and a golden-peach highlight, which I think may be too dark for my pale skin, but I can use in eye looks easily! This was £6 which is a little pricier than Primark usually is, but it’s so gorgeous that I don’t mind.

PS… Just Peachy Palette – Another peach-scented palette, but this one has 9 eyeshadows inside, which gives me Kylie Jenner palette vibes. The shadows are peach-toned or go well with peach, with some golds, warm browns and are a mixture of shimmer and matte. I haven’t used this palette yet but I’m really excited to see what looks I can create with it. This was just £4.


PS… Insta Girl Iridescent Highlighter in Champagne – this was £6 which seems quite steep for a Primark highlight, which usually retail for £1.50! But this pink-toned glowy highlight will suit my skin tone massively so I’ll let it off for being drugstore price.

PS… Workout No Sweat Face Powder – I had this powder before, but my kittens knocked it off the side and it smashed, so I needed a replacement. I really like this powder; it mattifies my foundation without picking up on the dryness of my skin and didn’t look cakey at all. It was pretty cheap, too at just £2.50.

PS… My Perfect Colour Mineral Powder – I think this may be a repackaging of Primark’s old mineral powder, but I don’t mind because I loved that powder! It’s a bigger tub which makes it easier to dip a brush into (the older powder pot was really small) so I have really high hopes. I’ll be testing this one in the video as well.

If you want to see the clothes and shoes I got from Primark this month, check out the video below and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed it!



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