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If you haven’t popped into Primark this month yet, I urge you to spend a saturday having a browse. There’s a bunch of new beauty items (some of which I am showing you in this post), loads of cute Harry Potter and Disney themed things and the Autumn season clothing range is the best yet. I’m not a fashion blogger, so you won’t be seeing what clothing I got this time (unless you watch my haul video which is linked at the bottom of this post) but I will be showing you the makeup and accessories I grabbed on my latest spree! If you want to see more hauls, there’s a whole category dedicated to them…

I haven’t bought any jewellery (apart from my wedding ring…) in years. I used to have a lot, but never find myself wearing anything except the odd choker. I went ‘out out’ the other week and put some old earrings on from my university days and I realised how much difference jewellery can make to an outfit. It makes it feel more put-together and less like I walked into Oxfam and came out with the first outfit that fit me. I’m planning to sort through my old jewellery and finding the pieces that I really love, but I definitely needed to pick up some new earrings as nearly all of mine are broken or lost.


The first pair I chose were a two-pack of gold hoops for just £1.50. One pair is plain gold which will be better for every day wear, but the other pair is coated in silver glitter, which is perfect for a more dressy event or a night out. I haven’t worn hoops this big since I was a teenager, but I’ve seen quite a lot of people rocking them recently so I think that means they’re fashionable again.

The second pair is a dangly gold pair with little black balls of thread, for want of a better word. They have a diamante ‘stud’ at the top and can be dressed up or down depending on the outfit. I love these so much, but my kittens love them even more, so I’ll have to be careful not to have them ripped out of my ears. These were £3 and well worth it (although possibly not if I get my ears torn to shreds).


I’m a huge fan of Primark’s beauty range and knew I had to pick up some of the Autumn/Winter collection! I grabbed the new My Perfect Colour BB Cream first, as this is the first BB Cream Primark has released and I love a good BB Cream, especially for just £4. It’s in the shade Porcelain which seems to be a really good match for me! I also picked up the My Perfect Colour foundation as well, which I think is the same foundation as my favourite £2.50 one from Primark but repackaged.

The two Insta Girl Liquid Lipsticks are new to the range as well; they’re the first satin-finish liquid lipsticks Primark has released. I really love the PS Pro liquid matte lipsticks so I’m hoping I’ll like these just as much! I got the shades ‘It Girl’ and ‘Want It All’ which are both pinks, but fairly nude. I had to pick up another shade of the Velvet Matte Lip Crayons, which I’m obsessed with. This is a new shade called ‘Super Nude’ and it is exactly what it says – a super nude. I love the formula of these and they’re so easy to use for a quick everyday lip product.

Finally I chose a Single Blusher! I have the shade ‘Taboo’ already and really enjoy the formula so I thought I’d pick up the newest shade, ‘Desire’. It’s very slightly shimmery and a little more pink; it almost gives me NARS Orgasm vibes but for a lot cheaper at just £1.50.

If you want to see the clothes and shoes I picked up at Primark, check out my haul video below and don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoy it! Let me know what you’re loving from Primark, whether it’s homeware, clothing, jewellery, accessories or beauty!



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