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September was always going to be a new launch-heavy month as it is every year and as I picked most of the new stuff up from I thought I’d talk about it collectively, with mini reviews and links to further in-depth reviews as well.

For those of you who don’t know, TAMBeauty is the mother brand of Makeup Revolution, I♥Makeup, Makeup Obsession, Katie Price, various haircare products and Freedom, but the only new releases in the past month or so are from Makeup Revolution and I♥Makeup.

flawless 4 palette inside

The eyeshadow palettes are probably what most people (including myself) are most excited for. First the Makeup Revolution Flawless 4 was released, which are one of my favourite palette ranges. It builds on the warm tones from the Flawless 3 and is definitely a more vibrant, warmer palette than previous Flawless palettes. There are 14 shimmers in the palette and the rest are mattes. Check out the review here, and buy it from TAMBeauty (ships worldwide) for just £8 here.


Sophdoesnails released a palette collection that consisted of an eyeshadow palette and a highlight palette. This is another autumn-winter palette but if you’re like me, you’ll wear warm tones all year round anyway. The highlight palette is more suited to pale skin but is really pretty-looking in the palette and on the skin. The eyeshadow retails for £10 here and the highlight is £8 here. There’s a more in-depth review in this post!


A sneak peek next; this is the I♥Makeup Rose Gold Chocolate palette, which I will be reviewing in a post and a YouTube video tomorrow. It is one of the most highly-anticipated palettes of the year as it’s a dupe for the soon-to-be discontinued Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette. It has 8 mattes and 8 foil-finish shimmers. You can get this for £8.99 here!

makeup revolution liquid highlighter starlight swatch

Another dupe launch was these Liquid Highlighters from Makeup Revolution. There are seven shades to suit multiple skintones and I have the shade Starlight. I wasn’t a huge fan of the formula of these highlighters but I do want to give them a second chance. They are only £6 each here, and you can read my review of them here.


Two more highlighters I picked up are the Makeup Revolution Gradient highlighter in Sunlight Mood Lights and the Rainbow Highlighter! The rainbow highlighter sold out almost immediately as it is so beautiful and unique and only £4! The gradient highlighter is more of a blush for me as it’s quite deep, but still very pretty and is the same price.


Even more highlights are the two new highlighter palettes! First we have the Ultra Cool Glow palette, which is frosty, cool-toned highlights which are perfect for pale skin but also can work for other skintones. It has a mix of finishes, including some interesting duo-chromes! You can get it for £8 here.

Another highlighter palette released at the same time was the Ultra Pro Glow 2, which has warmer and darker highlight shades – golds, bronzes and pinks – suited to deeper skin tones. It’s the second Pro Glow palette in the series. It’s also £8!


Sticking with the highlight theme, the Renaissance Glow is a re-release – a new formula and new print on the pans – and looks so much more expensive than it’s £8 price. It even comes with a velvet case and the packaging looks so luxe.

I♥Makeup released another mini chocolate palette called the Peach and Glow, which is a shimmery peach-toned blush and a gold-to-peach highlight. They also released a Bronze and Shimmer duo palette which is the same thing, but a deep bronze for deeper skin. They are £6 each and look so adorable!

Following on from the success of the banana powder, Makeup Revolution released two more powders – Lace and Terracotta, with Lace being a very pale, light pink powder and Terracotta a deeper orange-brown powder. They are £5 each.

Other new releases include Makeup Obsession brushes and brush cleaner, Freedom bundles, Makeup Revolution bundles, Freedom single eyeshadow sets, I♥Makeup lip balms and Makeup Revolution brushes and tools.

What new releases have you been enjoying or what do you want to pick up soon?

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