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Last week, I Heart Revolution launched 4 new palettes within their chocolate palette range. I, of course, bought them all. You can find them on the Revolution Beauty website, which ships worldwide, but if you’d like to take a closer look before you buy, I’ve gathered them all in a blog post, as well as four YouTube videos for you! Swatches and a tutorial are in the videos as well as my thoughts and feelings, so I’d definitely check them out after you’ve read this. links are affiliated


i heart revolution galactic chocolate palette

The first palette is the ‘odd one out’ of the bunch, as you can probably tell already. It has marble-effect baked shades, which is not something we’ve seen in the chocolate palettes previously. These are classed as shimmers, but aren’t as glittery or metallic as standard shimmers. There are five mattes, six baked shadows, six shimmers and two duochromes. The duochromes are unique and interesting to see, too. One of them reminds me of MAC Blue Brown, and the other is more of a red-brown to a teal shift. The baked shadows feel quite dry but swatch fairly well and the mattes perform averagely. I do wish there was a darker matte or two, so I could put something darker in the crease, and maybe swap a pink and purple out to have a bright silver metallic and navy blue matte to fit more with the theme.

Buy the palette for £8.99 here and watch the review here.


i heart revolution macaroons chocolate palette

Macaroons is actually the palette I was most looking forward to, as we very rarely see blues and greens in palettes. It’s refreshing to not see lots of warm oranges, reds and browns. Most of the colours in here I feel like are unique and exciting, but there’s also some repeats from other palettes, like the golds/bronzes and matte browns. I think it would have been such an awesome palette if there was a matte blue or two, a matte green and a couple of pastel shades. I do think they needed to deepen the browns as well, as I couldn’t get a deep enough colour for the other corner. There’s four mattes, one satin finish and thirteen shimmers, which is a little shimmer-heavy for me as well.

Buy the palette for £8.99 here and watch the full review here.


I heart revolution cotton candy chocolate palette

Cotton Candy is full of pink. I don’t mind pinks, but it’s definitely not my go-to shade, unless it’s more of a rose gold colour. Again, I feel like there should be deeper mattes to build definition and depth and also mattes that fit the theme more – a matte pink or two and a couple of matte mauves would have been really useful. In this palette there are three mattes, one matte with micro-glitters, seven shimmers, and seven metallics. The metallic shades are so creamy and reflective and pretty – Clouds and Pretty in Pastel are my personal favourites.

Buy it for £8.99 here and watch the full review here.


i heart revolution lemon drizzle chocolate palette review

I think this palette is the most popular out of the newest palettes because of all the bright, warm shades. I do like this palette, the colour selection is nice and the ratio of mattes to shimmers is perfect for me (there’s seven shimmers and eleven mattes), but I am a little bored of warm tones. I have a lot of these shades in the Soph x Revolution palettes, and the other shades are in various other palettes. I have lots of palettes as I collect, so if you’re a ‘normal’ person, you’ll probably like this a lot more.

Buy the palette for £8.99 here and watch the review here.



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