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The first room that was on our ‘to renovate’ list was my beauty room. Originally I was using what was supposed to be a living room; it was painted magnolia and we had shoved an assortment of furniture into there to try and create a nice background for my YouTube videos (it didn’t work). When we bought the house in January, we decided to move my beauty room into our spare room, freeing up the downstairs room for more space and an actual dining table.

In order to start decorating my new beauty/office room, we had to strip the old room out completely, which meant finding room for the wardrobes, guinea pigs and general junk that had accumulated there. It also meant spending weeks stripping 5 layers wallpaper and paint, then ripping up 1960s carpet, taking down coving, remnants of in-built wardrobes and skirting boards. We then got a plasterer in, bought paint and carpet and fitted our own skirting boards (which are harder than they first seem, especially when you have uneven walls). It honestly took us months to finish the whole project, so I am very relieved to be able to say it’s finished completely now. The rest of the house is a mess, but at least my working space is done, right?


beauty room before

Old carpet, peeling wallpaper, junk, mould, dirt (we were renting).


beauty room tour

My dream space (we bought the house).


beauty room tour

I’m not going to go into too much detail, because my next post is a close-up look of my office space, but here’s an overview.

beauty room skincare storage

This is one shelf on my bookcase (which is a Kallax unit from IKEA) that houses my skincare. More shelves will be detailed in the Office tour, but I wanted to show you how I have integrated beauty into my office space as a ‘transition’ between the two areas. The basket was from eBay and I spray-painted it gold.


beauty room tour makeup storage

This is my new filming background. I already had one set of Alex drawers (from IKEA, £95) but I needed another to house my ever-growing collection. And because of symmetry. The dressing table is bespoke made by FunkyChunkyFurniture on Etsy and cost £115 to have made; I then added the black legs which I bought myself from Amazon.

beauty room palette storage

I have housed my palettes in letter holders, which were around £4 from Home Bargains. You can fit a surprising amount of palettes in them and I didn’t even need to spray paint them gold!

beauty room tour

My I Heart Revolution palettes are in their own separate basket (from Primark)! Behind that is a glass case (from IKEA) filled with my perfumes. I am looking into getting some sort of other storage for perfumes – possibly picture shelves? – but for now they can live in there!

beauty room tour makeup brush storage

My brushes are on top of the other set of Alex drawers. The silver pot with tools in was a gift! The pink trio was from eBay, the pink glass jar was from Asda, the white pot was from IKEA and the acrylic trio at the back is from Primark. I have a lot of brushes not pictured that really need washing…


beauty room tour

Over on the other side of the room is my snakes! The rug was from eBay (just £25!), the chair was also from eBay (£55) and is really comfortable. The cushion and side table are from IKEA; I sprayed the table gold to match my laptop table and accessories. It’s really nice to have a space that I can sit and relax with my snakies, or just chill with a coffee and magazine. I also use the chair to do my makeup at my dressing table.

If you’d like to see the full room tour, click the image below to view the video!



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