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I have a wishlist purely for makeup that encompasses many sides of A5 in my bullet journal, but the most coveted items on there are the eyeshadow palettes. I’m not sure why palettes entice me so much (especially because I never get to use most of mine) but a palette with the perfect colours can draw me in and leave my purse notably lighter.

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I thought I’d gather some of the palettes at the top of my list (from from both ends of the price spectrum) and show you what I’m obsessing over and wishing for at the moment, so that I can give you an idea of you what sort of palettes I like best and possibly give you some items for your own wishlists.

nyx eyeshadow palette wishlist.jpg

  • Nyx Ultimate Brights – I have so many warm-toned and neutral palettes so this is way out of my comfort zone, but I’m desperate to try some bright looks and the yellow, orange and purple shadows are screaming ‘SUNSET EYE’ to me (which, now I think about it, is totally what I was trying to avoid with this palette). It’s £16 from Boots! 
  • Nyx Ultimate Warm Neutrals – This is a sister palette to the Ultimate Brights and to me, looks like a good dupe of the Naked Heat palette (although this one came out first). This palette is really popular and is often sold out, but I think this palette is PERFECT for travelling, as it’s quite small but has all my favourite colours for an everyday look in it. It’s also £16 from Boots.
  • Nyx Full Throttle Quad in Color Riot + Take Over Control – I want a little quad like these for overnight stays, where there’s no room or time for a full palette. The Color Riot warm-toned quad is a really simple look in one for my personal preferences. I love the orange! The Take Over Control palette is something slightly different but I think it would look stunning as an eye look.
  • Nyx Perfect Filter in Rustic Antique – Lastly from Nyx, I do want to try this palette as, yet again, it’s beautifully warm and would be a great go-to palette for a stylish-yet-everyday makeup routine. I like the addition of a grey and a purple, as it opens up more possibilities for different looks.

mua, i heart makeup, the balm and mua palettes wishlist

  • I♥Revolution Salted Caramel + Death By Chocolate – I won’t lie, I just want these palettes to complete my chocolate bar collection! The Salted Caramel palette is a dupe of Too Faced’s Semi-Sweet palette, but neither are necessarily my first choice in colours but I do really like the collection so it’s only fair to complete it, especially as there’s three more Chocolate Bar palettes coming in the next few months (Ssh! Don’t tell anyone I told you that).
  • The Balm Meet Matt(e) Trimony – I’m drawn to The Balm’s quirky packaging most of all, but the neutral matte shades look stunning. The pan size is great and I do like that it’s fully matte – I actually don’t like use shimmers except for one on the lid, so when a palette has more shimmers than mattes or even when it’s about 50/50 it puts me off.
  • MUA Feather Light – MUA recently released 6 pro palettes, including Fire Vixen (which I’ve already got) and Feather Light, which is also a fully matte palette. I LOVED the formula of the Fire Vixen palette, so decided I needed a range of matte neutrals too (you can never have enough).
  • Elf Mad For Matte 2 – This palette isn’t available in the UK yet (the UK Elf website still ships from the US) but I’m holding out hope that it’ll end up in Superdrug, as the rest of the the palettes are. This palette is very much a ‘Nikkie Tutorials Made Me Buy’ product, as I saw her using it in a few videos and fell in love with the shades. I love the way it looks and how it’s all matte (again). It’s £12.50 too, which isn’t that bad of a price!

juvias place, zoeva, colourpop, stila palettes

  • Colourpop Yes Please – Another palette not available in the UK unless you want outrageous shipping and customs, but I’m in LOVE with how this palette looks, and the swatches I’ve seen look beautiful. I haven’t tried any Colourpop before but I’m waiting to make an order when they have free international shipping with no lower limit on how much you have to spend! It’s very affordable as well for the quality at $16, which is about £12.
  • Zoeva Matte Spectrum – Another palette where I’m drawn to the warm shades (especially the yellows)! I have heard great things about Zoeva shadows; they’re not too expensive, at £28.50 for the palette at BeautyBay, but have great reviews and swatches. I love the colour range and I feel like I could get so many looks out of it!
  • Stila Eyes Are The Window in Mind – I feel like I’m going to have a solely warm-toned palette collection. I’ve never tried any Stila shadows but I’ve loved everything else I’ve tried, so when I spotted this it went straight on my wishlist. I think it would be perfect for travel as it has a great range of shades yet is a small palette. It sells for £30 usually but it might appear in the W7 Beauty Outlet at some point for cheaper!
  • Juvia’s Place Saharan – Thanks to the makeup gods, Juvia’s Place is now sold at BeautyBay! I’ve had my eye on the Saharan palette for a while, especially since NikkieTutorials raved about the brand. The shadows are unbelievably pigmented and look absolutely gorgeous both in the pan and on the eyes. It isn’t too expensive either, at £28 per palette! It’s a bit cheaper in the US, but after shipping and customs, it wouldn’t be worth it.

natasha denona, tarte, abh, violet voss palette wishlist

  • ABH Modern Renaissance – I feel like I’m the only person in the universe who doesn’t have this palette. And therefore I need it. But at £41 from BeautyBay and Cult Beauty (or ABH’s own UK website), it’s way out of my price range. It’s half my paycheque! I love the warm tones (surprise, surprise) and the berry shades in the palette and the quality is meant to be out of this world.
  • Violet Voss Ride or Die – This is the ultimate palette. There’s all the shades I would ever want in one single palette! The downside is that it’s £70 on Cult Beauty (and £67 on BeautyBay) and I’m loathed to spend that much on one thing. I’ve heard that Violet Voss eyeshadows are worth the splurge, but maybe it could be something to add to a Christmas or Birthday list instead.
  • Tarte Pro Amazonian Clay – I have never tried anything from Tarte but this (and Shape Tape concealer) would be the perfect introduction. Unfortunately Tarte is another brand that isn’t easy to get hold of in the UK; we have one site that is constantly sold out, plus they don’t have this particular palette. One day I’ll be brave and add to my basket from the US site ($53 dollars is frightening), but for now I’ll just look at all the pretty colours.
  • Natasha Denona Sunset – Lastly on my wishlist is the most expensive eyeshadow palette I’ve ever yearned after. This is ridiculously expensive but SO beautiful. I constantly stare at this palette on BeautyBay, wishing I was rich enough to own it and imagining the orange sunset eye I could create. One day. One day I’ll have £109 (although it was recently reduced by 50% for a sale…) to spare. But not today.

Despite having way too many palettes on this list, I’ve actually made a pretty huge dent in my wishlist in terms of palettes. There aren’t many drugstore palettes left to get as I’ve bought them all (I have 29 drugstore eye palettes and 7 more expensive palettes after my declutter) – I do want to start saving more money to go towards high-end makeup products for more of a variety in the future.

What’s on your palette wishlist? And do you want to see more of my wishlist – my other products? Let me know in a comment!



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