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When this palette first came out, the Blogosphere was absolutely BUZZING with excitement. Whether or not they still are remains to be seen because, as always, I’m months behind everyone else. Anyway, here’s my review, swatches and demo of the Burning Embers palette by MUA!

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MUA brought out this firey palette and everyone went mad for it as you have probably seen on other blogs. It was something new that MUA hadn’t done before and, best of all, it’s only £8!


The palette consists of 25 matte and shimmer shadows (and one duo chrome, and some more metallic) that are mainly pink-toned and all are aptly named after fire-related things, which is adorable. I would, however, expect reds, oranges and browns rather than the abundance of pink in the palette but it’s still gorgeous and mostly warm-toned regardless.  There are some neutral browns to ground the palette and make it more wearable and versatile. I also like how the palette is almost a square, meaning it’s different to all my other rectangle palettes.


  • Heat – matte cool white, great for setting eyeshadow primer
  • Flare – a cool, very pale taupe that needs a lot of building up
  • Sparks – pale pink shimmer which would be great for a brow bone highlight
  • Light – a cool-toned pale brown
  • Match – a cool rose-gold with metallic finish


  • Flash – a matte neutral brown, great transition shade
  • Kindling – duo chrome pink and white shimmer, so stunning
  • Warmth – a matte pale rusty orange
  • Glint – a matte neutral mid-brown
  • Flicker – a yellow gold with metallic finish


  • Ignite – a matte bright peachy orange, soft but with lots of fall-out
  • Burn – a matte mauve, another great transition shade
  • Wild Fire – a warm-toned rose-gold shimmer
  • Scorch – a matte bright peachy pink
  • Sizzle – a bronze gold with metallic finish


  • Energy – a matte off-white
  • Torch – a light taupe-gold shimmer, an interesting colour for the lid
  • Blush – a matte pinky mauve
  • Spark – a deep rose-gold shimmer, so beautiful
  • Beacon – a bright peachy shimmer


  • Blaze – a matte mid-brown with warm tones
  • Flame – a matte grey-brown that needs a lot of building up
  • Dazzle – a mid-brown with pinky purple shimmers, another beautiful colour
  • Char – a bright fuchsia shimmer
  • Fume – a deep pinky purple with metallic finish

The shadows mostly swatched beautifully except a couple of the matte shades and only one had fall-out. I do wish there were more mattes, especially deep pinks, but it still is a gorgeous palette.


This is the palette on my eyes! I used Warmth as transition, Blush in my crease, Blaze and Flame in my outer corner, Torch on my lid, Char on my lower lashline and Kindling on my inner corner and brow bone.

I found the shadows less pigmented on a brush (most noticably the pink on my lower lashline) but if I had applied it with a wet brush and packed it on it probably would have worked better. Also the lid colour was hard to get colour out of so it ended up being quite subtle. The matte shadows were a lot better with pigmentation and I had no problems with blending them either. I’d say this palette is good for beginners and those who don’t want a tonne of pigment on their eyes but for those who are more experienced with makeup they may be a bit let down.

If you want to pick up this palette you can do so from Superdrug (ships to UK and Ireland) for just £8.

What did you think of the palette? I wasn’t too impressed but it’s not as bad as some I’ve tried!



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