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It’s my birthday month (I turned 23 on the 7th) so I’ve treated myself to a few bits of makeup guilt-free as well as getting some gifts and thought I’d show you some of it! I’ve deliberately missed out some of the products I’ll be doing a review on in the future so it’s more of a surprise!



I wanted to pick up some new bits from Revolution as well as finishing off my palette wishlist and they just so happened to have a Mystery Bag offer on at the same time. I put most of it in my giveaway pile (coming soon!) but I kept the rest.

  • Freedom Audacious 3 palette – My first freebie is an Urban Decay Naked 3 dupe. I have the Iconic 3 which has exactly the same colours in, but I can’t resist using it as I enjoy the shades so much.
  • Freedom Pro Blush palette – This is a 8-pan highlight, blush and bronzer palette. It’s not something I would have chosen myself, but I’ll definitely get some use out of it except for the bronzer shades as it’s a little bit dark.
  • Freedom Pro Glow in ‘Meow’ – I’m not sure whether this is a highlighter, bronzer or blush but on my skintone it’s way too dark to highlight my paper-white face. I like the look of it, anyway!
  • Freedom Today’s Tonight palette – I didn’t realise how much Freedom I bought until writing this post! This is the last palette on my wishlist (except for any new releases, of course) and is a mixture of mauve tones, light neutrals and some darker smokier colours.
  • Revolution Skin Kiss highlighter in ‘Champagne’ – MUR recently launched eight new shades of their Skin Kiss highlighter range and I picked up a light pink colour to try out. I like the new packaging as well, as it means we can actually see through to see the colour at a glance.
  • Revolution Life on the Dance Floor lipsticks – I picked up all of the gold and rose gold limited edition lippies because they’re glittery and I couldn’t not buy them. They also have 3 black and 3 silver lipsticks but I chose the nudes and pinks rather than the deep shades and reds as that’s what I’d use most often. I reviewed the Life on the Dance Floor rose gold palette the other day as well.



It was 3 for 2 in Superdrug online and in-store and I could have easily picked up at least 9 items, but I held back and only got 3. I’m proud of myself.

  • Bourjois Bronzing Powder – I feel like this is the bronzer everyone used to have alongside their Rimmel Stay Matte powder and Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in their makeup bags, but I, of course, am very late to the game. It looks and smells like chocolate, so I couldn’t resist picking it up, especially as it looks great for pale skin, too!
  • GOSH X-ceptional Wear Foundation – I’ve never actually tried a single thing from GOSH before, so I thought, ‘why not?’ and picked up a foundation. It looked like a good colour for my skintone and seemed to have great coverage so we shall have to see.
  • MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer in ‘Sizzle’ – I really like the MUA formula and it’s so affordable as well. I couldn’t resist this colour, which is perfect for autumn as it’s an orange with a hint of brown.
  • Benefit Gimme Brow in shade 3 – I know these have been recalled, but as long as I don’t put this in my eyes (why would I!?) I’m sure I’ll be fine. This was a birthday gift and I’m looking forward to my eyebrows being ‘on fleek’ [do the kids still say that?! I’m not sure… I’m old now].


IMG_3501 2JPG.jpg

I was actually quite restrained in Primark in Manchester! I only got three things in there which is madness for me. Usually I buy at least seven different products.

  • PS Velvet Matte Lip Crayon in Dusty Rose – This is one of the newest shades to hit their lip crayon range so, as always, I picked it up. This is my favourite lip product of all time and I rave about them so often on my blog.
  • PS Pure Glow Highlighter in Mink Pink – This highlighter. THIS HIGHLIGHTER. It’s so glowy and makes you look like you have literal wet molten metal on your cheekbones, which I’m sure everybody secretly wishes they had.
  • PS Custom-Eyes palette – Primark now does single shadows and magnetic palettes! Each shadow is just 60p and you can choose 4 or 9-pan palettes to put them into. There wasn’t much selection in the Primark I visited so I only picked out 4 shades – an icy highlight shade, a shimmery khaki, a matte cool brown and a matte peachy beige.

I didn’t buy as much makeup this past month as I’ve been making a start on my Christmas shopping (I’m actually organised this year for once!) but I hope you enjoyed seeing the things I did pick up! If you want to see a bigger haul, including all the other things from Primark and my birthday gifts, watch the video below – don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoyed it!


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