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It’s finally here – the end of my Love Me Beauty subscription. It’s pretty much been a complete failure the entire 6 months, despite having a fairly decent selection of products every so often. The customer service I’ve encountered after my many issues has been abysmal and if it wasn’t for the extra credits I received from readers of my blog signing up with my referral code, I wouldn’t have been able to get half the stuff I ordered.

This month, we got just 6 new options, 4 of which cost way over 60 credits (which is our monthly allowance of credits) and the other two being 60 credits each, which defeats the purpose of the whole system. Those who aren’t able to share their referral code to a large audience were not able to choose anything and were instead left with the ‘leftovers’ from the previous months Edits. It’s unjust that we paid the £11.95 and couldn’t even choose any new products to try.

Anyway, it’s my final month, which I’m happy about. Here’s my last unboxing of Love Me Beauty!


First, for 20 credits, I chose the EcoTools Micro Blending Brush. I love EcoTools brushes so this choice wasn’t a bad one for me. It blends out my concealer without leaving brush streaks or removing the foundation underneath. This is worth £4.99 if you buy it from Boots, or $4.99 direct from EcoTools.


This is a tiny 5ml sample of the Caudalie VineActiv Eye Cream, which I picked up for another 20 credits. I really enjoyed Caudalie’s VineActiv moisturiser, so hopefully I’ll enjoy this eye cream too. This is worth £9.17, with the full size version costing £27.50 for 15ml.


I like NailsInc polishes, but I’m not a fan of this colour! Pink doesn’t suit my nails for some reason, but I was running out of options so chose it anyway. This was 25 credits and is in the shade ‘Fulham Palace’. NailsInc nail polishes retail for £15.


Lastly is a mini Buxom Lip Polish in the shade Dolly. I was expecting this to be more of a lip lacquer, but I was disappointed to find that it is a mauve, almost-sheer sticky lipgloss. It claims to have vitamins A and E inside and also lip plumping qualities but I didn’t feel like it made my lips tingle at all. It’s also a very tiny sample! The full size of this lip polish retails for £15.

My selection this month wasn’t necessarily bad, but I’m just so frustrated about the lack of ‘affordable’ (in a sense) new products in this month’s edit. I don’t think it’s fair that we didn’t get a chance to try anything new and I’m glad I’ve come to the end of my subscription.


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