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This month’s Love Me Beauty was a little bit of a palaver, with them taking the money from my bank the day before pay day, meaning the payment bounced and my subscription didn’t get renewed until a week later, but we got my order in the end! Someone signed up to Love Me Beauty using my code meaning they got themselves 30 extra credits and I got some too, which meant I could order a few more bits this month than usual, so I have a great selection to show you in this month’s unboxing.

The subscription service is just £11.95 once you add shipping per month and you get a choice of the Edit to spend your credits on. You get a free makeup bag with every month’s selections!


The first thing I chose is this travel-sized Buxom Mascara. Buxom has relaunched in the UK this year, so it was nice to see in the Edit this month as it’s not something I’ve been able to try before. You get 6ml in this mascara, compared to the full-size at 11ml, so you’re getting a decent amount that’s worth around £8.73. I’ll be testing this mascara out in a First Impressions in a week’s time, so keep an eye out for that.


The next item I picked up was the BareMinerals Skin Longevity. This is a skincare product to use after cleansing and claims to help with fine lines and wrinkles as well as revive the skin. I love BareMinerals products usually so hopefully this will be another great pick. This is a 7.5ml sample worth around £7.20, due to the full-size version being £48 for 50ml (bloody hell).


I picked up a pair of items for my third and fourth choice this month, both from Kat Von D. These are samples of her Saint and Sinner perfumes, which come in such beautifully cute packaging. I haven’t tried a new perfume in a very, very long time, so thought I should whilst it was in the Edit. These perfumes can be layered up or worn individually and are the perfect size (4.5ml) to chuck in my handbag. They’re worth around £4.68 each, as the full-size versions are £52.


Another product by Kat Von D, this lipstick is in the shade Cathedral and is part of the Studded Kiss collection. It’s a travel-sized version again, as you only get 1.2g of product as opposed to the 3g you get with the normal ones, but the cuteness of it means you don’t really mind. It’s so sweet and small! Again, another product easy to chuck in your handbag or travel makeup bag. It’s a beautiful matte ‘Cocoa Rose’ colour that goes with so many different looks and skin tones. It’s worth about £6.80.


Lastly is yet another KVD product – this time the Lock-It Setting Powder. This is a loose transparent setting powder that can be used for baking or setting the whole face in place and claims to be soft, undetectable, non-drying and pore-diffusing. This is a travel-sized product too with 1.4g of powder compared to the full-size 19g. This is worth about £1.62.

The total worth of this month’s bag is £33.71 plus whatever the makeup bag is worth, which is considerably more than the £11.95 I paid, however I did spend an extra 30 credits this month! Do you think the subscription is worth it? What did you think? Let me know! Remember to use my code for money off your subscription!

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