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A new year, a new box! I was looking forward to receiving a box of goodies this month, as the post-Christmas blues is definitely a thing. Despite having a lovely festive period previously, with nice food and gifts, January is bleak and depressing, with the cold weather and any future festivities so far off. I know that a box of six beauty products can’t make up for that feeling, but it’s a start.

If you’re new to my unboxings, I show you what’s inside the LookFantastic Beauty Box each month, break down the values of each item and tell you a little about them. You can see past unboxings here, and if you want to sign up, you can do so by using this link! If you use the code HELEN-R5E, you get some money off (it’s usually £13-15 a month). Or if you buy anything else from LookFantastic, you can use the code HOLLY-R1YD for some money off too.

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing january 2019 - elle magazine and beauty box magazine

As always, we have the Elle magazine for this month, worth £4.40, which is noticeably thinner than previous Elles. My theory is that in January, there are less advertisers willing to pay the big bucks for space just after Christmas, when no one wants to buy anything unless it’s 70% off. As well as Elle, we have the mini Beauty Box magazine, which is a list of the products inside the box as well as some relevant articles to the theme (which is Clean Beauty, by the way).

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing january 2019 - popband x lookfantastic hair ties

This first item I was a little disappointed with, as I know I’ll never use it – and that’s some Popband x LookFantastic hair ties. They’re supposed to be anti-snag, anti-dent and better for your hair than normal hair ties, but personally I prefer a soft scrunchie that just slips out. It’ll probably be something I put in a future giveaway. Other 4-pack collab Popbands are £8.

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing january 2019 - swell ultimate protect hair serum

Annoyingly, This is another product I won’t be able to use. It’s called the Swell Ultimate Protect and Renew Serum, so I assumed it was skincare. Nope! It’s for the hair. This is full of non-curly girl method friendly ingredients (and, honestly, has a lot of ingredients I wouldn’t want on my hair anyway), so I’ll have to give it a miss. It claims to restore split ends, which is usually a danger sign. You can’t fix split ends with anything except a trim. This is 30ml, which is 20ml less than the full-size (£20). So, it’s worth £12.

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing january 2019 - bellapierre banana powder

I’m sensing a theme. This is another (the last) product I won’t be able to use (this will go in a future giveaway). I’m sure the Bellapierre Banana Setting Powder is excellent, but I am just way too fair for banana powder to work! I end up looking jaundiced, which is never a good look unless you’re a Simpson. This is 4g, which is full size, meaning it’s worth a whopping £25.

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing january 2019 - dr pawpaw original balm

This next product is something we’ve had already in 2018, way back in February 2018. However, the last time we got the Dr Paw Paw Original balm, it was only a small 10ml sample, whereas this one is a full-size 25ml! I actually really like this balm for dry skin, particularly my lips as they can get quite dry and cracked in the cold northern weather we’re having. It feels like any other squeezy-tube lip balm, but a little thinner and, well, better. This is worth £6.95 and it’s definitely worth checking out; it has SO many uses that you’d never think of.

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing january 2019 - first aid beauty moisturising primer

Next is a product from First Aid Beauty, which I’ve always loved. This is the Coconut Skin Smoothie Moisturising Primer, which, as you probably realised, is a moisturiser/primer combo that has coconut in it! Some people don’t get on with coconut, but I quite like it, and I also love a moisturising primer! My other favourite is the ThisWorks In Transit Camera Close-up, which is a similar product. I wish this one was bigger; it’s 21.3g compared to the full-size 50ml (£20.50), but it’s not too bad. This is worth £8.73.

lookfantastic beauty box unboxing january 2019 - vitamasques diamond gold dust sheet mask

Finally, we have a sheet mask! I love a sheet mask (honestly, I’m too lazy for a wash-off mask and peel-off masks dry me out), so I’m happy we have the Diamond Gold Dust Sheet Mask from Vitamasques this month. The mask claims to help with brightening and contains actually real gold dust, diamond powder and pearl extract. So fancy! This is a one-time mask worth £5.99.

So, it’s been a mixed month. Three things I love, versus three things I can’t use! I’m sure someone will appreciate them in the future if I put them into a giveaway, so make sure you’re following me on Instagram if you want to enter any.

Again, you can sign up to LookFantastic Beauty Box for £13-15 a month here, and use code HELEN-R5E for some money off!



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