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October’s beauty box was all about pampering and relaxing, which is fitting considering the Birthday Edit was September’s theme – this box is basically all you need for a hangover! I love a pamper session so I was excited to delve into this month’s box and give myself a treat. You can sign up for £13 a month here, but there’s a discount code at the bottom of the post too!

As always, we have Elle magazine to flip through once we’ve enjoyed the products which is worth £4.30. We also get a mini magazine called Beauty Box which explains the products in the box as well as showcasing other items and trends.

modelco instant radiance concealer swatch pale skin

First up in the box was a full-size Instant Radiance Illuminating Under Eye concealer from Model Co! This is the perfect way to hide those dark circles as it works to brighten your under eyes. For me, this concealer is way too dark and yellow-toned and therefore it doesn’t really work as an illuminator but it works to spot conceal. There’s only one shade of this, which means it won’t work for many people! This is a full-size concealer worth £12. You can pick it up on Model Co’s site.

ciate wonderwand mascara mini travel size

Next is a mascara from Ciate, which is a travel size (3.5ml) version worth £7.18, with the full-size retailing for £19.50. I’ve never tried any makeup from Ciate, as I see it as fairly overpriced compared to their nail varnishes, so I’ll be looking forward to trying this mascara out! The wand is an hourglass-shaped one, which I’ve enjoyed with other mascaras. Let’s hope the formula works nicely!

lancer the method polish skincare mini travel size

Moving onto skincare now, we have the The Method: Polish from Lancer, which is a gentle cleanser, exfoliant and moisturiser all-in-one which needs to be rinsed off and followed up with your normal cleanser. I’ve never used or even seen a product like this so I’ll be excited to give it a whirl. The full-size product is quite expensive, with 120g being £60 on LookFantastic’s website. This is a travel sized product of 14g, which means it’s worth £7.

monu skin firming facial oil travel size mini

Here we have the MonuSkin Firming Fiji Facial Oil for Dry/Sensitive skin. It has Rose Water and Patchouli in it, both of which are great for the skin. I’ve never heard of the brand MonuSkin, but I have been meaning to try facial oil for quite a while, both in my makeup routine and my skincare routine. I’ll be doing a ‘one month on’ update for this month’s box on my second youtube channel, so make sure you’re subscribed if you want to see how I get on. This is a travel size product at 30ml, whereas the full-size is 100ml and £29.95, meaning this one is worth £8.99.

skimono hand mask shea butter aloe vera

This is also something I’ve never tried before; a hand mask. It’s like a sheet mask but for your hands, and during autumn when the cold air chaps your hands easily, this one by Skimono be great. It has Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic Acid which will help revitalise and soften dry hands. This is a full-size mask (obviously), but usually you would get four in a pack rather than just one. You can get the four for £9.99, so this one on its own is worth around £2.50.

bean body coffee bean scrub coconut travel size mini

Finally we have a Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub with Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and Sea Salt. I personally hate these types of scrubs, as I find they get everywhere and feel like sand. I much prefer an exfoliating cream or lotion rather than a ‘loose’ scrub like this. However they do work really well! So a lot of people will really enjoy this product (I’ll be including it in a giveaway next month). This is a travel size version at 50g; the full-size version is £14.95 and 220g, meaning this is worth around £3.40.

The total for this month’s box comes to just over £45, which isn’t bad considering the box costs just £13 a month. If you’d like to sign up, you can use the referral code ‘HELEN-R5E‘ for some money off your order at this link: here! LookFantastic ships internationally.



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