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Everyone has their own ‘it kits’; the products they couldn’t be without each day. This changes as we do – we find new products to love, or our skin or daily needs change. What I call an essential someone else might call unneccessary, but that’s the beauty of, well, beauty! We all love different things. Here’s my daily essentials: my ultimate It Kit.

daily essentials 2

1. Garnier SkinActive Clarifying Tonic 

This toner makes sure my spots stay away! As soon as I stop using it, I get breakouts so I keep it with my other essentials at all times. It feels refreshing and cooling on the skin and is affordable, too.

2. Real Techniques Miracle Cleansing Sponge 

I use this every single day to wash my face – it means I don’t get the dreaded elbow drips from using the splash technique and it exfoliates my skin as I apply the facewash.

3. MUA Hydro Primer

I use this daily after my moisturiser as extra hydration, even if I’m not wearing makeup. It’s a dupe of the Illamasqua Hydra Veil primer but only £5 so a lot more affordable for everyday use.

4. Lottie London Arch Rival Brow Artist Pencil

My brows always have to be filled, as I have dark hair and blonde eyebrows! This micro brow pencil does my brows so precisely and the spoolie is the best I’ve ever tried.


5. MUA Bronzed Perfection Matte Bronzer

My favourite bronzer of all time! Even if I’m having a no makeup makeup day, I need to get some colour in my complexion and this bronzer does it perfectly. It blends like a dream and is perfect for pale people.

6. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Every beauty blogger’s favourite concealer. I always need a little help concealing spots and dark circles and Collection’s budget-friendly concealer is my go-to all the time for full coverage concealing.

7. PS Velvet Matte Lip Crayons

These lippies are the easiest lip product to use when you want a quick, yet pretty matte lip. One swipe and you’re done! I love the shades Ballerina and Uncovered the best; but I have several of them to choose from.

daily essentials 1

8. L’Oreal Baby Roll Mascara

This. Mascara. Is. AMAZING. It volumises and curls and lengthens just like a high-end mascara, maybe even better (I actually prefer it over the Better Than Sex mascara). It’s a must-have in my opinion!9.

9. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I primarily do my makeup with a beauty blender, so I’d have to include it in my It Kit. A damp sponge can solve a variety of problems and I couldn’t be without one! This one by Real Techniques is definitely the best on the high street.

10. Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Kit

For my last essential, this small palette is perfect for quick faces or for travelling. The bronzer is great for fair skin, the blush has a gold shift that gives me NARS Orgasm vibes and the highlight is so stunning!

Tell me what is in your Daily Essentials – what products couldn’t you live without every day?

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