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The Nudes palette is the first chocolate palette since the name change (I Heart Makeup to I Heart Revolution)! And along with the new brand name comes some other changes to the popular range of chocolate-inspired palettes. Let’s delve straight in and see what’s new, what’s not and whether it’s worth picking up! Btw, links are affiliated but opinions are my own as always!

i heart revolution nudes palette


Lets talk about the palette name: Nudes. Not Chocolate Nudes, nor Nude Chocolate, just Nudes. It’s not the first to have ditched the chocolate theme (24K Gold and Pink Fizz don’t include any chocolate) but it is the first to have a single word as the title. Interesting! The outside packaging is the same as always, with a brown background and nude colour melting chocolate design. On the inside, however, it’s a different story! Instead of the usual 16 pans with 14 smaller ones and 2 larger ones, there’s 18 smaller pans. Still the same amount of product per pan (1.22g) but more colours to play with.

You might also see that we now have shade names on the palette itself rather than on a plastic sheet. It certainly makes it easier! Finally the other major difference in the packaging is the fact we no longer have a free brush. Previously we’ve received a double-ended sponge applicator (which no one ever uses, lets be real). I have to admit, I do prefer the new layout over the old one.

i heart revolution nudes palette swatches i heart revolution nudes palette swatches i heart revolution nudes palette swatches

Here are all 18 swatches, applied with no primer and a dry finger. As you can probably see, there’s some shades that are more pigmented than others and some that need building up. The shimmers are creamy and metallic-looking, and the mattes are mostly soft and not chalky. Some shades worked better with a brush on the eyes than in the swatch, so it’s never the best idea to disregard a palette purely on arm swatches! On my Instagram, I posted a comparison of the swatches to the ABH Soft Glam palette if you’re looking to see whether it’s a dupe or not.

i heart revolution nudes palette eye look

The eye look I created with this palette was natural-yet-glam! I wanted to show that despite getting a palette full of nudes, you can still create a more night-time appropriate look with it. Of course, the deeper shades I used in the palette may not be deep on every skin tone, so that’s something to consider when purchasing this. I hope that we get another palette with deeper nudes for those people who need, well, deeper nudes!

If you want to see a tutorial on this look and watch how I recreated it, watch the video below. You can subscribe if you want to see more from me, too! You can also see in real-time how the shades blended and how pigmented they were on first application.

I believe the shadows in the Nudes palette are the same as previous Chocolate palettes, so this isn’t anything new formula-wise. The shadows themselves are easy to use, fairly pigmented and blended pretty well. There was a little kick-back in the pan with a few of the shades but nothing drastic. I do love this palette; nude neutrals are my favourite shades for the Spring so I was always going to love this one! I can honestly say that this is definitely in my top 2 I Heart Revolution palettes, alongside the Mint Chocolate palette (I love that colour selection).  Although, I haven’t tested out the Mini Chocolate palettes yet… stay tuned for Friday’s post to see a review of those!

So, those looking for a Soft Glam alternative (this isn’t a dupe, but doesn’t have a similar feel to it), those who love nude shades or just those who love the I Heart Revolution chocolate palettes will love this palette as much as I do. I definitely think it’s one of the better ones! If you do want to purchase it, you can do so from (worldwide shipping, free in the UK over £15 spend) or



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