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At the moment, it feels as if we’re back in the old days of the blog, where I’d be reviewing palette after palette and getting rather tired of it all. But new affordable palettes keep on releasing and, me being me… I buy them. The I♥Revolution Mint Chocolate palette is the newest release in the brand’s chocolate bar range and one of the most interesting ones in my eyes.

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Mint Chocolate palette is a ABH Subculture dupe, with a few of the shades seeming similar and the overall theme of the palette being along the same lines. But as we look closer at each individual shades, there seems to be just one or two that could possibly be considered a ‘dupe’ for the Subculture ones. That, and the fact that the Mint Chocolate palette was leaked long before the Subculture palette was.

i heart makeup mint chocolate palette shades

You can truly consider the Mint Chocolate palette as an Autumnal selection of shades. It seems like the go-to Autumn releases for makeup are warm oranges, reds and browns (think the new Morphe 35O2) whereas this palette, despite having a warm matte brown and red, and even copper and gold shimmers, shuns this notion and instead opts for a greens and a bright yellow to focus on. Ignoring the brightness of the yellow, the palette is muted and deeper in tone than the usual palettes we see at this time of year which is a welcome surprise and makes for a unique and interesting palette. There are 9 shimmers and 7 mattes to play with.

i heart makeup mint chocolate palette swatches

No, not all of the swatches live up to the excitement of the pans – some of the mattes need building up considerably – but we have something different, and that is extremely promising in this same-old-same-old makeup world we’re living in now. We’ve seen some difference very recently in the line-up and now apparantly the drugstore brands are catching on. Even for a self-confessed warm-toned palette lover, it’s exciting. I do love the warm copper shimmer in this palette though… and the deep emerald green one.


I didn’t quite know where to start with this palette, because of the fact it’s not something similar to all my other million and one palettes and I didn’t have my usual go-to look to fall back one. But I picked up my brush and started with Tea as a transition, then building up my crease with Secret. I took the warm brown all through my crease from outer to inner corner as I wanted a rounded shape to the shadow for this look. Staying in the crease but moving slightly further down, I used the shade Poison Ivy, which I needed to pack on more than I would a usual matte. It was rather difficult to blend out compared to the ease of the previous shades, but dark mattes are difficult to get perfect, so I’m not displeased. I took that same shade under my eye too, and smoked it out with Secret again. On my lid I took Commotion which is the shimmer version of Poison Ivy which meant it blended seamlessly into the outer corner. Finally I used the highlight shade, Sugarcoated, as my inner corner and browbone highlight. You can see the look in more detail in the video at the end of the post.

The two greens I used in the look feel very unique and aren’t something I’ve got in other palettes, which is why I wanted to use both at once! Yes, the quality of some shades isn’t as good but as I keep repeating, this palette got me excited. That hasn’t happened in a very long time. Let’s hope I♥Revolution keep up with the good work and bring out more and more innovative palettes!

You can get the palette from (which ships worldwide) and Superdrug. I also have a review of this palette on my YouTube channel, which contains live swatches and a tutorial, so make sure to check it out below and subscribe!



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