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It’s a Christmas release from I Heart Revolution! We all love a bit of Terry’s Chocolate Orange in the festive season, so I was not surprised in the slightest when the brand came out with a palette themed around the treat. Even the shade names are delicious! The palette is £8.99 from Superdrug and RevolutionBeauty and will be in UK stores from January.


For your £8.99 you get two shimmer shades, one metallic shadow, one satin-finish, one highlight shade and eleven matte shadows. You also get a sheet with the shade names and a sponge applicator (one day we’ll get a decent brush!). All of the shadows are warm-toned, which isn’t a big surprise – the clue is in the palette name – and there’s a mix of oranges, browns, reds, golds and a couple of nude-pink shades. It’s a beautiful-looking palette but as I said in the previous chocolate palette review:

“Despite my enjoyment of the palette, I’m not very excited. If you’ve read my review of the Mint Chocolate palette, you would have gathered that I was thrilled for a new colour selection and thought perhaps each new palette would be more unique than the last. So, although I do like this palette and will be using it frequently, I’m not raving about it as much as the previous one. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before from the brand and definitely not something new in the cosmetics industry right now.”

The same thought applies to this palette. Despite liking the colour selection, it’s nothing new in my collection and I most likely have the same colours in other palettes (like in the Morphe 35O/35O2 or many, many others).

However, we aren’t here to slate the palette for being same-y, so let’s take a look at the swatches.

Screenshot (184).png

l-r: It’s Mine, Clementine, Chocolate Orange, Ribbon, Silky Smooth, Gift, Tap It, Lush

Screenshot (185).png

l-r: Segment, Pip, Orange, Smash, Peel, Dessert, Nibble, In One

Despite me swatching awfully (these are screenshots from my review video; I will update them soon!) you can see the pigment from each shadow pretty clearly. There were shades that needed more building up than others, like every other palette from the brand. Some mattes felt soft and creamy to swatch and and some felt dry, but the metallic and shimmer shadows swatched beautifully. The highlight and satin-finish shade were quite sheer, but as these are generally applied as an inner corner highlight, it isn’t too much of an issue for me.


The look I created was very simple and not my best work (we all have those days) but I used the shade Clementine as transition, Orange in my crease, Nibble in the outer corner and lower lashline, Silky Smooth on the lid and It’s Mine on the inner corners and brow bone. I did find the Orange shade – inventive name – quite difficult to blend out and Nibble wasn’t as pigmented as I wanted it to be, but I really love the tangerine colour on my lid called Silky Smooth. It’s the one shade in the palette that I think is completely unique.

I find this palette pretty average compared to the rest of the range. Some shades are better formulated, some are worse, and the colour selection is nice but a little played-out. I keep reiterating this, but I really want to see something different next time. However I’m glad I picked it up because this palette is basically a palette of tones that all best suit me.

If you want to see live swatches and a tutorial, check out the video below (and subscribe!)



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