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I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed something ‘high end’ on my blog before (correct me if I’m wrong), mostly because I don’t really have the income to buy anything expensive! But it was my birthday earlier this month and treated myself to one of the new Huda Beauty mini palettes and thought I’d review it, because if I’m ever thinking about buying something high-end, I like to do as much research as possible to make sure I’m making a good investment. Hopefully, therefore, this can help someone else who is um-ing and ah-ing over one of these palettes.

The Mauve Obsessions palette was £25 from Cult Beauty and there are three other Obsessions palettes – Warm Browns, Smokey and Electric, all for £25 each as well. The palettes all consist of 9 matte and shimmer shadows. However, there was minor uproar across the internet when people got their palettes and realised how small they were – at about 10cm across, they are definitely very tiny. However, the pans themselves are the same size as the larger Huda Beauty palettes, at around 1g each, so you aren’t getting any less product.

1 (1).jpg

The shades don’t have names (there’s no room for names in the palette!) but as you can see, you get 6 mattes and 3 shimmers in mauve and plum tones to play with. The shimmers are like the formula in Huda’s bigger palettes, in that they don’t feel like a standard shadow finish but rather pressed, soft glitters which need a pressing motion with a finger rather than sweeping with a brush to apply. I think using a glitter primer would be beneficial as well to keep it from falling out during the day.


The mattes swatched really nicely and felt so soft to touch, except the red-wine shade (#9) which felt quite dry and didn’t swatch the greatest. I love the shade selection in this palette!


Shades used: #8, #5, #6, #1, #4, #3.

This is the first look I created using the palette. It was quite a struggle to get to this point; the deeper mattes were quite difficult to work with as they stained the skin, meaning there was no room for any errors. Shade #1 went on quite patchy which was disappointing but layering it up helped correct that. The other mattes I used were soft and blendable, easy to layer and fairly pigmented with one dip into the pan with a brush. The shimmer shades definitely needed applying with a finger – with a brush they didn’t work at all but with a finger they were very pigmented and smooth.

My final thoughts are positive; the palette as a whole is both beautiful to look at and fairly easy to use, but you do have to be careful of the deeper shades applying patchily and being very difficult to correct. It’s a compact size which makes it great for travelling with and has a decent mirror to use as well. I do recommend the palettes for intermediate-to-advanced makeup wearers – I think it’s a bit too difficult for beginners.

If you want to see me test out this palette on-camera (as well as some other new makeup) then check out the video below and don’t forget to subscribe!



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