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Welcome to How To Wear, where I take products a little out-of-the-ordinary and show you how you can wear them every day! When you picture neon eyeshadow, do you think 80s, or 18-year-olds at a rave? Exactly. Not an everyday-friendly eyeshadow, but anything can be wearable with a bit of work! So how can the average person wear red lipstick?

imagesBefore you put the neon green all over your eyelids, you need to choose a colour that works for you. Everyone has colours that suit them more, or doesn’t suit them at all. If you look at a colour wheel, the colours opposite each other tend to complement each other, so if you have blue eyes, a neon orange might suit you best, if you have green eyes, a neon purple or pink might work and if you have brown eyes, neon green or blue will probably be your best bet. But makeup has no rules, so experiment with whatever colours you want to!


This is definitely the easiest way to add some neon to your look. Do a neutral eyeshadow look with browns, nudes or taupes and add winged black liner if you want to but instead of leaving the lower lashline blank or continuing the browns onto it, pop on a neon shadow! Keep the neon away from the inner corner; focus on the mid and outer corner of the lower lashline and keep it close to the waterline to keep it suitable for everyday. I do this look quite frequently.


I really love this look, as it’s so simple yet so different. Choose a similar or contrasting colour to the eyeshadow you use on the lid (e.g. orange with yellow) and instead of highlighting the inner corner, place some bright eyeshadow. You can either draw a line like this Instagrammer did for a more editorial and edgy look, or blend it out like you would usually. This is subtle yet effective! If you want to leave the shadow on the lid entirely, it would still look cool with just the inner corner colour. You could also just do a wing with the colour in the inner corner.


Here’s another bronze and blue combination, but feel free to choose any colours you want! A neon winged liner or a neon liner in the waterline or lashline can look so interesting for not much work. If you often rock a winged liner, try mixing it up with a bright pink, or if you put black kohl in your waterline a lot, put some blue there instead for something different.

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If you can’t bring yourself to do a whole wing of colourful liner, do a normal black wing and do a thin line of colour above it. You could even use two colours for a fun contrast like the picture above!


Perhaps the most adventurous of the looks so far, this look involves using a neon shadow all over the lid. Blend the edges out with a big fluffy brush so it isn’t harsh on the eyes and you can also add a darker colour to the outer corner and lighter colour to the inner corner to add depth and definition. If this is too much for you, do a halo eye with a neon shadow as the middle highlight colour instead of your usual gold shimmer.



Neon eyeshadow can still look wearable even if you choose an entire rainbow of colour on your eyes – just keep it simple everywhere else! Experiment with colour as much as possible so you’re completely comfortable with what’s on your eyes before you head out into the world so you can avoid self-consciousness. Soon you’ll be rocking your bright blue and green eye with pride!


If you create any neon eyeshadow looks, tag me on insta so I can see your creations!



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