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Welcome to How To Wear, where I take products a little out-of-the-ordinary and show you how you can wear them every day! The classic red lipstick is a timeless, key piece of anyone’s makeup bag and can turn an everyday makeup look into a powerful statement of confidence. But red can be quite a scary colour and has gone from the normal, everyday lipwear (think 1940s) to something quite intimidating and ‘look-at-me’. So how can the average person wear red lipstick?

IMG_2508JPGFirst things first I’m the realest, you need to decide on a red lipstick. Choosing the formula, shade and brand of a red lip is a difficult one and something that I can’t really help you with as it’s such a personal choice, but personally I like a liquid matte formula for red lipsticks. I think it’s more IMG_2507JPGprecise to apply and is less risk in terms of smudging and having to reapply when you eat or drink. Depending on the finish you like on your lips, you could choose a glossy red lip, a standard satin lip, a creamy formula, a matte lip or a liquid lipstick like I prefer. It’s all down to personal preference! So now that you’ve had a good browse, how do you actually wear it?


Simple makeup look with red lipstick

The classic red lip pairs brilliantly with a classic makeup look, unsurprisingly. In this picture, I’ve got on copious amounts of mascara, a good base and fairly subtle bronzer, blush and highlight. Keep it simple, and include a black winged liner if you like to wear it and you’re good to go. Despite being a relatively laid-back look, the red lip brings it all together to look like you’ve put in a lot of effort. You could take this from day to night with a touch-up and nothing else.


A gold glitter eye and a red lip is perfect for winter festivities, but warmer tones would mean you wouldn’t have to bust out the tinsel in August. You could even simplify it by just doing some gold glitter eyeliner instead of a full eye look. This glam look would be great for a night out or an event – the bold red lip contrasts the gold perfectly and feels luxe.


Something super neutral on the eyes, like a taupe semi-smokey eye or whatever colour suits your skintone looks beautiful contrasted with a red lip. It would also be an easy eye look to transform from day to night as well – all you’d need to do is swap a nude lip for your classic red. This can look very elegant despite its neutrality and is easy for anyone to wear.


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This look is a little grungier than the previous looks, but I love the contrast between the elegant red lip and the messy smokey eye. This may not be a very everyday-friendly look (although you rock it if you want to!) but it would be great for an editorial look or a night out at a club or bar. Use copious amounts of black kohl liner and some black eyeshadow to create it; just be sure to not go too overboard and turn into a panda.

a selection of red lipsticks

The above red lipsticks are from Boots, Superdrug and LookFantastic and are in a variety of finishes and formulas. If you haven’t worn a red lipstick before, I’d recommend getting a cheaper one so you don’t end up wasting your money – not everyone feels like they suit red! I started off with a Rimmel Kate lipstick which I still really enjoy.

What’s your favourite way of wearing red lipstick? Tell me in the comments.



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