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This post was originally posted on 4/3/2017 and rewritten on 21/11/2017

Brushes are a haven for bacteria and manky old makeup stains so keeping them clean is important – it can even prevent you from breaking out! Here’s how I clean my brushes and beauty blenders.

I have a ‘shade n’ swap’ by W7 which dusts excess powder off brushes between uses. So handy for swatching or when you want to use one brush for two or more colours. If you don’t want to fork out for one of these, you can use a hair doughnut (find them cheap in supermarkets or drugstores) as they’re made of the same material.


A brush cleanser is a must-have for in-between proper deep cleans. I squirt some on the bristles and use a piece of kitchen roll to get everything cleaner. I use another bit of kitchen roll to dry them. Don’t use too much force – you don’t want to damage the brush.


For a deep clean I use Johnson’s baby shampoo, but you could also use brush cleaner (Real Techniques do a great one) or even Fairy Liquid. To get within the bristles I use a silicone brush mat which you can see in the video I posted on my YouTube channel today – I got mine from eBay or Amazon for a few quid but you can get branded ones for a little more expensive. I squirt a little bit of shampoo onto the bristles or onto the mat and move the brush back and forth across the mat until the water runs clear and the bristles are clean. You could also use your hand to do this. Make sure you don’t get the actual brush handle (especially where the bristles are glued) wet, because this can cause mold and the glue to disintegrate.

To dry my brushes, I lay them horizontally on a towel. Don’t keep them upright as the water will soak into the glue and ruin the bristles. They should dry overnight fully and when they are dry, I reshape the bristles so they look good as new!

Beauty Blenders can get gross really quickly so each time I use them I make sure to completely saturate them with warm water and squeeze it out. I then use baby shampoo to clean them more thoroughly every couple of weeks and if there’s any stubborn stains I use cheap bar soap or fairy liquid to remove them!

Go on, admit it… when’s the last time you cleaned your brushes? If you want to see my cleaning routine in action, check out the video below! Don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoyed it…



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