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I picked up so much makeup in the past month that I was able to do a complete full face of makeup (minus setting spray) with untested, new products. I even had some left over! I love testing out new products so I can recommend things to my followers and find out what sorts of things work for my skin and needs. It’s even better when I have so many new things that I can create a complete look from them.


This is the look I came up with! I managed to get loads of mascara on my eyelid which was annoying but I really like the yellow I used and the lipstick goes well with it. I have lots of hormonal spots on my jawline and chin at the moment which I’ve managed to cover pretty well. Read on for the products I used and how I felt about them!


I was looking forward to trying this High Spreadability Fluid primer, as The Ordinary’s skincare and makeup is so hyped up by Beauty Bloggers (and the general public). This is a really strange primer! It’s in a little glass dropper bottle and the primer itself is very thick and silicone-based. It smoothed out my skin nicely but did feel quite wet and thick on my skin.

The New Look No Shine Mattifying Foundation didn’t really mattify my face completely and didn’t give me much coverage, but was an okay foundation that I can build up easily. It blended nicely but did have a cheap chemical smell.

The Nyx concealer I used under my eyes as it’s very yellow-toned and is more of a colour corrector than a concealer on my skin! It’s meant to be the same shade as my foundation (Alabaster) but is nowhere near the same. Strange. The Freedom concealer is slightly more pink and better for spot-concealing.

Freedom’s transclucent Pressed Powder wasn’t really very translucent; it was quite orange in the pan but luckily was still pale enough to use and not look like I’ve had too much Vitamin C. It set everything fine!


I haven’t used a contour kit in ages, so I feel a bit out of practice using the Freedom Contour Kit. I think it’s a little too dark and not grey-toned enough to effectively use as a contour on my particular skin tone, but it blended out nicely and the powder works well as a, well, powder. It doesn’t highlight as I’m so pale but that’s fine.

The Freedom Warm Lights bronzer is an interesting one, with three different powders in one. The darkest shade is nice for bronzing, or I combine two or three of them for something more subtle. The lightest powder is good for general powdering, so might be a good one to travel with – two products in one!

I haven’t ever tried any of Makeup Revolution’s Mono blushes before but for £1 I can’t really complain. It’s a nice colour (this is the shade ‘Now!’) although you need a very light hand otherwise you look quite pink, but it’s great for anyone on a super tight budget!

This highlight is beautiful! I thought it would be too dark as it looks like quite a dark pink but I can just get away with it. This is the ‘sequel’ to the W7 Glocomotion, the Glocomotion Pink It Up, and I love it. It’s so glowy and beautiful!


My brows were done with the PS Brow Pencil which is just a normal pencil with a spoolie on the opposite end. The spoolie wasn’t great but the actual pencil was really creamy and pigmented and did my brows really easily.

I also went over the pencil with the New Look Brush-On Brows which is a Gimme Brow-esque brow gel. I found the applicator a little scratchy which made applying the gel a bit difficult (there was ‘lines’ in my brows afterwards) but it’s an okay alternative if you don’t want to fork out a tonne for the Gimme Brow.

I used a Mono eyeshadow from Makeup Revolution (in the shade Naive) to set the concealer on my eyelids and provide a base for the rest of my eyeshadow and it did a good job. It was easy to get good pigment from and was pretty much the same colour as my lids.

For eyeshadow I used the Nyx Single shadows, dipping into the yellow, peachy orange and dark brown. They needed a lot of building up to be pigmented but worked well otherwise. I would have liked to have used my usual brushes to make blending easier but I wanted to test out the Freedom Eye Blending Brush, which made it quite difficult.

I then tightlined my eyes with the Makeup Revolution Smokey Eyeliner, which honestly stayed put for three days, despite having a shower and taking my makeup off with eye makeup remover. It just makes my lashes look a little bit fuller, which is the goal, really, isn’t it?

The mascara I used was the Maybelline Great Lash mascara, which people used to RAVE about when I was at school. It was very separating and lengthening but didn’t add much volume. I really liked the effect it gave for more ‘natural-looking’ lashes. Thumbs up!

On my lips I started with the Primark Lipliner in the shade Toffee. As always, I LOVED the lipliner. So pigmented and creamy and only £1. The colour was a 90s fairly deep brown and didn’t quite match the lipstick I chose, which was the Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Matte lipstick in ‘Inspiration’ but I liked the effect both of them had together. The lipstick is a true nude with a hint of pink and I really love the formula.

If you’d like to see me applying the makeup, check out the video below! I give my opinions as I’m putting it on my face and you can see how I did my eyeshadow and how everything blends out. Don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoy it!



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