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I get asked quite a lot about what my favourite makeup brushes are and, to be honest, it changes pretty frequently as I try new ones and develop new ways of applying makeup.

These brushes, however, are those I really do think will stand the test of time (or already have done). These are my holy grails, my go-tos, the ones that always need washing as I’m always using them!

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favourite makeup brushes - face brushes

For bronzer, I really love the Morphe M108, which is a natural hair flat-top brush. It applies really nicely and buffs it out gently, making it perfect for adding some warmth.

For highlight, my absolute favourite for over a year now is the Morphe M510, which was the highlighter brush everyone on YouTube used back in the day. It sweeps highlighter on without leaving a metallic streak!

I don’t always use a brush for concealer, but if I do I use either the Eco Tools micro blending brush (not pictured, as it’s dirty) or a Real Techniques blending brush. I like how small and dense it is for buffing in thicker concealers!

I have two favourite powder brushes – one is from Revolution and I’m not sure if they make it anymore. It’s so soft yet quite dense so it puts on powder really easily without disrupting my base. The other one I use frequently is the Eco Tools powder brush, which again is nice and soft and rounded, but also has flatter sides to make it easier to tap powder on under the eyes.

Finally, for blush, the only brush I’ve been using for a long while is the Sigma F50, which is the duo-fibre brush. I think these brushes are meant for cream products, but I am obsessed with how it applies blush! I can’t go back to a standard blush brush now.

favourite makeup brushes - eye brushes

There’s quite a few eye brushes I really love, and I have a huge selection as I’m constantly using them!

The first brush set I will recommend is the Jessup brushes, which you can find on Amazon. Even though they’re affordable, they feel incredible in terms of quality! So soft without feeling too soft (it’s a thing), and definitely worth spending £15 on.

Another great affordable brush set is those by MSQ, which you can find on Amazon and eBay. Again, they’re really nice quality – probably not as good as Jessup but they are a lot cheaper – and come in sets of 12.

I have a few Morphe eye brushes, and the two I use all the time are the M506 and M138. Morphe sets tend to be, well, pretty bad, but the individuals are a lot better.

Makeup Geek Soft Domed Brush is a great brush for the crease, it’s a little stiffer than other brushes but sometimes that’s exactly what you need. It’s not too pricey either.

Spectrum brushes I have a love/hate relationship with – A few I absolutely love, like the ones pictured, and some I just really don’t like, because they’re too soft to get a good blend and pigment from. I like the biggest fluffy brush for the transition and the little outer corner one the best.

Finally, eBay ‘unbranded’ brushes are usually pretty great. The brush on the far right of the image above is my favourite; it’s such a great blender. You don’t need to spend a tonne to get good results with brushes!


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