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Every couple of months I switch up the makeup I use every day, so I don’t end up neglecting my other makeup in my (huge) collection and get a chance to change how my day-to-day makeup looks. I keep my everyday collection on my dressing table in acrylic drawers from eBay and the brushes are kept in another acrylic storage container from Primark.


I have a lot of makeup brushes so I find it difficult to whittle my everyday brushes down to the selection I have here. The rose gold brushes are Zoeva dupes from eBay and are my favourite brushes; they’re such good quality for so cheap. There’s a couple of other eBay brushes in there and I also have a set of Makeup Revolution brushes (the Ultra Metals collection and a couple from another set), some Real Techniques brushes and Complexion Sponge.


I thought I’d show you my drawer of lip crayons first! All of these except one are the Velvet Matte Lip Crayons by the PS range in Primark. The odd one out is from New Look but it has an identical formula to the Primark ones. These are actually my favourite lip products of all time and they’re only £2 each. I have pretty much every shade (I think I’m missing three) and I get every new shade that comes out as soon as it arrives in store. They’re really easy-to-use, everyday lipsticks and I have a shade to suit any look.


These are my chosen base products for this month! It’s mostly Rimmel (by chance) and one very used Collection concealer. The primer of choice is the Rimmel Fix and Perfect primer, which has the nicest texture of any primer I’ve ever used. I love it so much; especially when paired with my Rimmel foundations. And luckily, I’ve chosen not one but two Rimmel foundations to choose from. Well, one is a BB Cream – the 9in1 BB Cream in ‘Very Light’ and the other is a new foundation I picked up last week, the Lasting Finish foundation in ‘Light Porcelain’. I haven’t used the foundation yet, so it might not stay in my everyday collection if I’m not enjoying it. For concealer I have a manky-looking Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in the shade ‘Fair’, which is my favourite cheap concealer for full coverage.


For my face, I’ve gone for the Collection Invisible Setting Powder, which is my favourite setting powder which I use over and over again so I’m not surprised that it’s made its way into my everyday collection. For bronzer I’ve chosen the Rimmel Sun Shimmer bronzer in the shade ‘Light Matte’ which is an incredibly subtle, everyday bronzer. I do want to add a contour product into the drawers as well at some point. For blush I chose a mono blush from Makeup Revolution in the shade Love which is a little bit too pigmented so I may change that out soon. I have two highlighters – one liquid, one powder – and the W7 Glocomotion is my newest purchase (I tested it out in my First Impressions post the other day) which is actually gorgeous. The liquid highlighter is the Maybelline Strobing Liquid in ‘Light’ and is so gorgeous and glowy.


For my eyes and brows, I have the New Look Brush-on Brows in ‘Medium’ (which is a Gimme Brow dupe) and Freedom Brow Powder in ‘Caramel Brown’ which I tested in the First Impressions post as well, the Buxom Lash mascara that I unboxed in last month’s Love Me Beauty subscription, L’Oreal Baby Roll mascara (my absolute favourite) and two MUA 15 shade palettes in ‘Fire Vixen’ and ‘Matte Feather Light’. The palettes are good everyday palettes, having a range of neutral shades and pops of colour for something interesting.

The look I came up with using the above products was actually something new for me – a Halo eye. I haven’t ever done one before and I could do with some more practice, but I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out. The shimmer on the centre of my lid is beautiful. If you want to see how I chose these products, then the Shop My Stash video is below! Make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already; it would be great to see you over there.



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