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Every couple of months I switch up the makeup I have in my everyday collection because I have so much makeup that I want to make sure I’m using a variety of products rather than the same ones all the time. The makeup in my everyday collection are the products I can use to create a quick 5-minute face, a quick-ish full face or a full-on full face of makeup without dipping into anything in my Alex drawers. I tend to use this makeup for about a week before I start getting bored and using different products, but the thought is there and I enjoy picking it all out, so that’s the main thing… right?!

by the way, it’s my 23rd birthday today. happy birthday to me!


In my top drawers I have some samples from Feel Unique alongside my brow scissors and tweezers so I can easily touch up my brows when I need to. I also have the PS Velvet Matte Lip Crayons that I always keep in my everyday collection as they’re such handy lippies to use!


On top of the drawers I have my morning skincare, including some Micellar water, anti-pollution cream and SPF. My morning skincare routine changes every day depending on whether I feel like I need some extra help or if I’m feeling lazy.


The first big drawer houses my base products, so my Freedom eye primer, Primark concealer, New Look primer, NYX foundation and Collection powder. I do sometimes mix up my foundations and primers so I don’t run out too quickly throughout the month.


One drawer down is some of my ‘face’ stuff, so my big MUA bronzer, single Primark blush and a Freedom contour kit. I’ll probably add a couple of bits like a cream contour or liquid highlight because I usually do!


The next two drawers are palettes! First is Sophdoesnails’ collab highlight palette with Makeup Revolution so I have a large array of choice for highlighting and below it I have the Cheeky Peachy palette from Primark which has two really nice blushes in it (and a highlight I don’t like as much).


Finally we have the eye and brows stuff. I have a Primark mascara, a sample of a MAC mascara, a sample of a The Balm eyeshadow, some New Look brow gel and an Exposed eyebrow pencil (not pictured because I’m an idiot). I didn’t include any eyeshadow palettes this time because I found myself not using them when they were in the drawer; my palettes are all in the baskets to the right of my everyday drawers anyway so they aren’t far away!

If you’d like to see me apply some of this makeup and how I chose the products, have a nose at the video below and don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoyed it!




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